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Default Best Deck Ratio?

So I'm just wondering what's the best deck ratio in Vanguard? How many Grade 0's, Grade 1's, Grade 2's, and Grade 3's does every deck run on a consistent basis?

I've noticed that decks run more Grade 0's than other Grade's due to being Boost fodder for other Grade's and other stuff. Grade 1 and Grade 2's seem to be 13-14 each in terms of ratio, while Grade 3's are usually like maybe 5-7 at max possibly.
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More of a strategies discussion. xP

A deck's ideal grade ratio is going to depend on what the deck in question aims to do. Are you abusing Asura Kaiser and his Death Army pals? You can go as high as 9 grade 3s if you feel like it. Are you using Gold Paladins? You can legitimately get away with 4 Burning Lions and no other grade 3s, leaving tons of room for strong grade 2s to pull with his skill. The 'standard' is typically 7, though. Grade 1s never go below 13 or above 17 (in the most extreme cases), the norm being around 15. Grade 2s range from 10 to 12 usually, but I've seen higher.

Grade 0s are a touchy thing. Playing more than the necessary 17 tends to lead to consistency issues unless the added Grade 0s are searchers themselves (ie. Wingal Brave).
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Boost fodder? G0s are generally either the starting VG or the 16 mandatory triggers. Triggers are rarely called since they provide better guard in hand with 10k shields rather than the 5k almost every other nontrigger has. Yes that number of G0s can go up, IE. Chappie the Ghostie, but it'd have to rely on the individual G0 nontriggers a clan has.

G1s should be a few cards higher than G2s since they're your main boosters. They'll sit in the backrow while the front has all the G2s and G3s.

G2s are higher than G3s simply because you don't really need multiple G3s out and G2s can intercept. You atk and then send em out to defend the next turn. On your turn you replace em.

G3s are the lowest number since they have no shield and their only use is a slightly better power as well as twin drive. Plus in the time between first turn and riding a G3 you get atleast 4 draws to get to a G3 if you didn't open with one. Some decks can even search for a G3. Take GranBlue. Chappie guards and you drop a Frank in the grave. When you need a G3 you can just use Frank's counterblast and ride him. Once Limit Breaker releases Frank will likely become obsolete if he isn't already.

The quick start guide suggests 17 G0, 15 G1, 10 G2, 8 G3. Everyone will likely use a different ratio unless they're netdecking RP or Kagero. It's all really up to the deck maker.
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For general decks is preety much like this:
16-17 grade 0
13-14 grade 1
11-12 grade 2
7-8 grade 3
However for some decks like SB or NG the grade's 3 number can go up to 10 grade 3.
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