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Default Can I refuse to allow my opponent to shuffle my cards?

I'm a delicate player when it comes to cards and I try to keep them in as best condition as possible, even the commons. That's just how I am. Lately, the way people shuffle has been bothering me. They shuffle too aggressively and it really bugs me. Is there a rule where I can just shuffle my own cards and not allow my opponent to shuffle them?

I've told them to shuffle more gently but they keep doing it, so I called a judge to tell them to stop mistreating them and they said I was rule sharking. What rule is there to this? I just don't want to bend or damage them via shuffling, I've been through this too many times.
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From Konami's Tournament Policy

H. Shuffling
A player’s Deck must be randomized by using an accepted shuffling method (riffle, pile, Hindu, etc.) and
then cut. This must be done at the start of every game, and whenever a game mechanic requires the
player to shuffle their Deck.
Each player must thoroughly randomize (shuffle) their Deck where the opponent can see.
· A player cannot check or order the cards when shuffling
· A player cannot pre-sort their Deck (sorting Monsters/Spell/Trap, etc.)
After the Deck is thoroughly randomized, it must be presented to the opponent. The opponent must
randomize (shuffle) the Deck further and then return it to the original owner.
The owner may then “cut” their Deck. If they do, they must present it to the opponent who must “cut” the
Deck again and then present it back to the original owner. No additional randomization may be done to
the Deck after this point.
By presenting your Deck to your opponent, you agree that you have sufficiently randomized your Deck.

Not only must you let your opponent shuffle your deck, they are required to by tournament rules.

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Next time a judge tells you're rule sharking, just tell him that you don't want a penalty at all, but to make sure your opponent doesn't damage his cards.
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If you're just at locals, nobody should be giving you a hard time. At bigger events, it's only fair that you wouldn't want your cards damaged but I can understand the point about rule sharking, or even time wasting.

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Bottom line, your opponent is REQUIRED to shuffle your cards. A polite request to please use caution would likely do the trick. If you feel your opponent is intentionally mishandling your deck, call a judge. A good judge will ensure your opponent is treating your belongings with respect.

The scenario you describe has nothing to do with Rules Sharking BTW
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