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Question Deep Draw Dragon Exodia

This is my take on a DD Exodia deck. Please rate and comment on what I need to change. I would really like to go to locals with this deck.

5x pieces
3x blue-eyes
3x white stone
3x Flamvell Guard

3x super reju
3x upstart
3x Hand Destruction
3x Reload
3x Cards of Consonance
3x Trade-In
3x dark factory
2x Magical Stone Excavation
3x Dark World Dealings

All help is appreciated
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Card Car D ?
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Old 03-21-2012, 01:31 PM   #3
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-2 Magical Stone Excavation
-2 Dark Factory
-1 Flamvell Guard
+3 One Day of Peace
+1 Magical Mallet
+1 Royal Magical Library

The biggest thing is dropping the magical stone excavations and the dark factorys for the one day of peaces. Gives you a draw and the potential to stall for one turn if you need it.
Magical Mallet is, in my opinion, better than Reload. I'd try to work 3 in, but I'm not sure what else to take out.
Royal Magical Library could get you those extra few draws you need with the high spell count. And it wont necessarily be a dead draw as you're not going to be summoning anything else and it should be able to at least turn your normal summon into one (thought likely a lot more depending on when you draw into it) draw.

The mallet and library are a bit less necessary and owuld just be my personal preferences. I see your strategy here, using Dark Factory, both as a fail-safe for the exodia pieces, and a way to re-cycle blue-eyes/Flamvell Guard for their respective draw cards, as well as feuling Super Rejuv. Magical Stone Excavation plays into this combo as well, but I think the drawbacks of the cost could be greatly outweighed by more individual cards with draw power.
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Card-Car is not out, he talked about going to locals.

Don't use MSE-
-but you absolutely need One Day.
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So the main changes im seeing is taking out 2 MSE and 1 dark factory and adding 3 One Day's?
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