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Default Booster Box Ratio's

(I ain't bought nothing yet looking into the game first.)

Booster Box = 30 Packs
Booster = 5 Cards (4 Common, 1 R, RR, RRR, or SP)

Are these correct?

Also what is the rarity ratio's? I think I heard someone say that you get 5 RR and 3 RRR in a Booster Box or possibly 5 RR, 2 RRR, and 1 SP.e

Actuall Ratios would be nice please.

Also how do you know the difference between the cards? In YGO rares have silver text, Supers are just Holo picture, etc... What are they in CFV?

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It's 3x every common (sometimes), 1x every rare (plus 2 doubles), 5 random RR's, and 3 RRR (or you can get a SP)
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^^this, Sp r like a ghost rare in yugioh, a random thing thats mostly about like. at least right now. at the bottom of the card by the card number ex: BT01/EN001 there is are letters that let you now the rarity EX: C for common, U for uncommon, R for rare, RR for double rare, and RRR for triple rare. this that same for SP rares with a SP at the bottom. when the second pack comes out will can see if this is true but for the first pack each rarity has a different foil pattern too so if there stay the same then thats a way to tell to. hope that helps
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So far in mine it is 3 RRRs 1 SP also usually of the RRs 5-6 RRs or it is 5 RRs and a RR SP version and a double of an RR and 3x of every common.

Overall I LOVE the ratio and glad of it you get almost half of the RRRs and the RR is a very sizable amount usually in the RRs i get 2 of the perfect guards just different clans

My channel next week is opening 3 boxes and 2 starter decks tune in SteveeAlbino

CANNOT wait opened 2 so far off camera but me and my mate screamed at the pulls
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