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Xx Swank xX
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Default Gem-Knight Deck


Gem-Knight Crystal
3X Gem-Knight Garnet
3X Gem-Knight Sapphire
3X Gem-Knight Tourmaline
2X Gem-Armadillo
2X Gem-Knight Alexandrite
2X Gem-Knight Emerald
3X Gem-Turtle

Book of Moon
Dark Hole
2X Gem-Knight Fusion
Heavy Storm
Monster Reborn
2X Mystical Space Typhoons
Pot of Duality
Swords of Revealing Light

Bottomless Trap Hole
2X Dark Bribe
Dimensional Prison
Draining Shield
2X Magic Cylinders
Mirror Force
2X Solemn Warnings

Gem-Knight Amethys
2X Gem-Knight Citrine
2X Gem-Knight Master Dia
2X Gem-Knight Prismaura
2X Gem-Knight Ruby
2X Gem-Knight Topaz
2X Gem-Knight Zirconia
2X Gem-Knight Pearl

Tell me if it needs some fixing and rate it from 1 to 10
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