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Default Verz~~

I'm new at Pojo, but i kinda played YGO for a long time, and this is one of the decks i used at DN. The main power of this deck is quick Xyz Summoning of one of Verz Aces (Ouroboros, Bahamut, and Ophion), and the rest of the strategy is running while dueling~

Okay, let's go to the builds.

Verz Castor x3
Verz Mandrago x3
Rescue Rabbit x2

Verz Heliotrope x3
Verz Salamandra x2
Verz Zahhak x2
Verz o' Wisp x2
Verz Thunderbird x2
Verz Kaitos

Steelswarm Sting x2
Extra Deck:
Verz Ouroboros x2
Verz Bahamut x2
Verz Ophion x2
Verz Thanatos x2
Steelswarm Roach x2
Castor and Mandrago are must have in Verz-themed deck. I can summon 3 Verz monsters in one turn (opponent should control at least one monster to make me do that) and quick summon Ouroboros, or i can use Rescue Rabbit and special summon 2 Verz Heliotropes, and Xyz summon Ophion/Bahamut. I can say, Verz decks are kinda great against Metas (depending on the hand condition, though.) Corrosive Contagion Infestation is a great deck searcher for mandrago and castor, also can bounce my Xyz monster that runs out of materials back to extra (since i can't return them back to hand), while DWDs are there for draw booster.

Still looking for a new tricks for Verz-themed deck, i hope you guys can help me.
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