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utopia ray 13
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Talking need help with xyz deck. is this a good deck?

This xyz deck is mostly earth attribute and many earth warriors it mainly makes me special summon as many monsters to xyz summon. I use as many Goblindbergh maurading captain and Crashbug Road to mainly summon well enough talk heres my deck.

Armor Breaker×2
Giant Rat×3
Marauding Captain ×3
Gogogo Golem×1
Field commander rahz×2
Zw unicorn spear×1
Zubaba Knight×1

Monster Reborn×1
The Warrior Returning Alive×2
Crashbug Road×3
Resonance Device×2
Reinforcement of the Army×1
Xyz territory×1

Nightmare Wheel ×1
Scap iron scarecrow×1
Sakuretsu Armor×2
Dark Bribe×1
Tyrants tummyache×2
Guard Mines×2
Xyz Veil ×2

c39 utopia ray×1
Number39 utopia×2
Number34 terrorbyte×1
Number17 leviathan dragon×2
Number10 illumiknight×1
Number20 giga brilliant×1
Number83 galaxy queen×1
Number12 crimson shadow armor ninja×1
Baby tiragon×1(mostly for collection dont really use.)
Please help i only beat my friends at school(very easy to beat) but at my card shop i can hardly beat anyone.
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Okay, I'm not the best at this game but I can help you a bit. One get rid of the crashbug roads and replace them with Ultimate Offering. It may seem slower at first but that one card will allow you to use it's effect more often.

Next add a Sangan to the deck to search cards you need. Get rid of acorno and pinecono... they suck... i mean they're cute and if you really want them go ahead but they aren't doing much for you.

If you can get your hands on them (they can be hard to find) get a few pot of dualities as they will allow you to draw cards and get what you need sometimes. However you may not want to use them because you can't special summon the turn you use it. So if you don't want that you may use shard of greed. It's slow but it comes to no cost and allows you to draw two cards.

Add Terraforming and another xyz territory if possible. One card you might also like is gem knight pearl. He is 2600 (3400 with xyz territoyry) and since he has no effect you can use his xyz material to protect xyz territory.

Next add in a few staples like 2 mystical space typhoons, a Heavy Storm, a Dark Hole, and (if you can get the agent structure deck) a solemn judgement. Those cards will better allow you to keep the field advantage.

In the extra deck, I've already mentioned gem knight pearl but now I must say to remove grenosaur and galaxy queen. They are nice cards but not the best (though grenosaur while xyz territory is on the field is pretty good, so you might keep him). No point of having terrabyte since he's a bit hard to summon though he can be useful.

I hope this helps a bit, and I hope someone a bit better than me helps you out.

Good luck fellow deulist

Edit: Gem Knight Pearl is not out yet... you have to wait a bit before you can use him

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