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Default Beedrill Starmie deck. Returning to the game after 15 years.

So I bought a box of XY Evolutions based on the nostalgia of the game and then a few of the structure decks to thicken out my set. Working on building it up but threw together this deck.

3x Rattata (XYE)
3x Raticate (XYE)
4x Weedle (XYE)
4x Kakuna (XYE)
4x Beedrill (XYE)
2x Staryu (XYE)
2x Starmie (XYE)
1x Dragonite EX (XYE)
1x Mewtwo EX (XYE)
3x Mewtwo (XYE)
1x Spinarak (Ancient Origins)
1x Ariados (" " " ")

2x Pokemon Centre Lady
2x Pokemon fan club
1x level ball
3x Tierno
1x Brocks Grit
1x Wally
1x Ace Trainer
2x Energy Retrieval
1x Revive
2x Professors Letter

4x Double Colourless Energy
7x Grass Energy
1x Water Energy
3x Psychic Energy

So the main strategy here is to use Pokemon like dragonite and Mewtwo to stall out while you build up the beedrill.

Rattata is used to remove tools.

Starmie is used to grab back energy from the discard pile.

The deck is pretty simple and my first attempt at coming back into the game.

I know the deck should have forest of giant plants as a staple for beedrill, sadly I don't have one or even 2 yet. Working on it. Other than that I think it has potential.

Any recommendations are welcome.


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