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Default Imakuni?'s Strange Occurrence [Unlimited - non competitive]

So, this is a bit surreal. I first started playing Pokemon TCG when it first came out and found Pojo. Now I have 8 year old twins and they're itching to play the card game as well. It's come full circle!

So. The kids are getting some card this Christmas (SHHH!). Namely some starter decks.

However, I want to build a deck and play as well. However, I have NO interest in going competitive or the cutthroat route....at this time. At least, my wallet can't afford going competitive at this point.

So I figured that I would use my favorite card that I used at every chance I could: Imakuni?'s Doduo. I had 4 of them in Japanese and was an absolute riot to use.
I would then learn that Imakuni? was in the Gameboy TCG game. And with that, is the template in which this deck is built upon.
Unfortunately, I haven't encountered black or red Imakuni? in the fan-translation of Pokemon TCG GB2. But as soon as I can stall him out will I have the template of his other 2 decks.

So I'm using his deck in Pokemon TCG GB as sort of a template. And then further going along with the notion that 'if he had access to the card pool now, how would he build a current deck?' This is what I've come up with

4 - Imakuni?'s Doduo
4 - Slowpoke (EX Firered/Leafgreen)
4 - Slowbro (EX Firered/Leafgreen)
3 - Snorlax (Delta Species)
3 - Celebi (Neo3)
1 - Shining Espeon
1 - Cool Porygon

4 - Imakuni?
4 - Pokemon Center (Base Set. Not the stadium card)
3 - Tickling Machine
3 - Chaos Gym
3 - Blaine's Quiz #2
3 - Misty's Duel
2 - Card Flip Game
2 - Lt. Surge's Secret Plan
1 - Life Dew

12 - Psychic Energy
3 - Recycle Energy

If you look at Imakuni?'s deck in the TCG GB games. They aren't particularly good...at anything. They're in fact really easy to completely down, despite that Imakuni? seems to want to be taken seriously in the game (whether he actually does, or if its a clever ruse to lull you into thinking he's a formidable opponent is anyones guess).

With that in mind, the deck I'm pitching here isn't meant to do anything particularly well either. It's not MEANT to win as much as it's meant to just be thoroughly entertaining at every turn, filled with uncertainty and wackiness. I'll go over the card choices:

Imakuni?'s Doduo - An Imakuni? deck withoiut 4 of these is just wrong.

Slowpoke - initially, I wanted to use Fossil Slowpoke because the art on it is so incredibly dopey. I opted to use the Firered/Leafgreen version because it automatically confuses both Pokemon

Slowbro - Imakuni uses Fossil Slowbro in his decks as a sort of 'poor mans Damage Swap'. IT's reprinted here and I'm going for Firered/Leafgreen version because of the art

Snorlax - I've always been fascinated by this card because it doesn't have any attacks, it's just an irritating defensive wall. Not the best wall, but its slow damage burn (on top of its ability to maybe or maybe not deal damage. All reliant on coin toss) allows the deck to be able to deal...some...damage?

Celebi - Celebi can be impossible to make any prize gains from and can be a general irritance. It doesn't do a lot of damage, but it can skirt past psychic resistance.

Shining Espeon - I know. This card is a massive drain on the wallet. Depending on how well this deck pans out and if the twins maintain interest in the game will I acquire it in the future. It's able to confuse both active Pokmeon, and it acts as a decent attacker.
Until I can get, it will be substituted with Jungle set Mr. Mime

Cool Porygon - I think that if this card was in the Gameboy versions, Imakuni? would use it simple for the fact that it had 'cool' in the name, thinking that it is 'cooler' than other Porygons.

Imakuni? - Using an Imakuni? deck and NOT using 4 of these? seriously?

Pokemon Center - To be used in conjunction with Slowbro and Strange Behavior

Tickling Machine - I noticed that the 3 Imakuni decks in the TCG GB games is that they are VERY low on disruption. Honestly, I don't think there are really a whole lof of wacky disruptive trainers. The Rocket Secret Machines are really the only things that SEEM to come close here. Oddly enough, he does use some Secret MAchines in Pokemon TCG GB 2 in the form of Digger and Computer Error!

Chaos Gym - I love the art AND the gym causes all sort of...Chaos. No one knows if their trainers will work for them now. It's fantastic

Blaine's Quiz #2 - Bill is too linear. And Blaine's Quiz #1 is like Bill, but guessing the LENGTH of your Pokemon in question is ridiculous. In this case, they have 1 25% chance of getting it right, and that's the point.

Misty's Duel - Same thing as Quiz #2. It's uncertain and adds another level of fun.

Card Flip Game - again, like Quiz #2 and Misty's Duel, uncertain and fun.

Lt. Surge's Secret Plan - This was a fun card I remember using. It's especially fun to 'Secret Plan' a Recycle Energy and then attach a Recycle Energy to it, making it REALLY look like you're secretly powering up something. When it gets attacked, both card go to your hand--because they're Recycle Energy and they can do that!

Life Dew - Being able to deny a prize is excellent!

Recycle Energy - To use in conjunction with Lt. Surge's Secret Plan, and as a means of having a way to retreat and not use up Psychic energy.

Basically, I'm trying to see if the deck can be made wackier and more fun. Any suggestions?
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Seriously, what does it take to break your alt. win spirit? I admire your optimism though.
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