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Default Fire Warrior deck HELP

My fire warrior deck just isn't pulling the wins I want it to. I think it needs a bit of re-focusing, but I'm not sure where. Any advice is appreciated.


Evocator Chevalier x3
Blue Flame Swordsman x3
Command Knight x3
Brushfire Knight x2
Battlin' Boxer Veil x1

Typically I'll use Brushfire to send Evoc to the graveyard, bring him back with Blueflame, then re-summon Evoc next turn for his gemini effect. I also banish Brushfire to recycle DivineSwd for this gemini effect. CmdKnight & BBVeil provide cover, and both can come back with Blueflame's effect.

Knight Day Grepher x1
Silver Sentinel x1
D.D. Warrior Lady x1
Elemental Hero Wildheart x1
Necro Gardna x1
The Immortal Bushi x1
Photon Thrasher x1
Goblindbergh x1

Non-fire support monsters. KDG retrieves equips for Evoc and further justifies the Gemini Spark I have, SS and DD handle removal, Wildheart's good for a no-fuss attack, Bushi for blocking, and the last 2 for getting XYZs out faster.

Number 39 Utopia x3
Number C39 Utopia Ray V x2


Rank-Up-Magic Numeron Force x2
Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade x1
Big Bang Shot x1
Magnum Shield x1
Double Summon x1

Spells servicing the strats of the deck: activating Evoc's gemini effect, and summoning the powerhouse Ray V.

Solidarity x1
Reinforcement of the Army x1
Dark Hole x1
Mystical Space Typhoon x1
Gemini Spark x1
Forbidden Dress x1

Staple spells.


Bottomless Trap Hole x1
Magic Cylinder x1
Mirror Force x1
Dark Bribe x1
Magic Drain x1
Breakthrough Skill x1
Pinpoint Guard x1
Malevolent Catastrophe x1

Staple traps.


Only 60% of my monsters are fire, so it doesn't seem worth exploiting that further with, say, a Backfire (although maybe it is, what with the constant recycling from the graveyard).

I could see throwing in a Burial From DD, to recycle monsters for DivineSwd (but then I could probably justify 2 DivineSwds) and also re-use Necro Gardna.

I'm on the fence about Rivalry of Warlords since so many decks now are single-type.

As I said before, any ideas are appreciated!

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Fire warriors yet no Ultimate Baseball Kid ?

I am disappointed. My favorite card from back in the day. Always wanted to find a use for him, but fire never got good generic support.
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yeah i've got an Ultimate Baseball Kid, only problem is this isn't really a swarm deck so idk how useful he'd be.
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I'm guessing your a new player, some friendly advice; A pile of 1-ofs is always going to struggle.

This seems to resemble some-sort of Warrior Toolbox style Strategy but with an incredibly slow Gemini/Equip theme and Rank-Ups thrown in too.

Definitely drop the Rank-Ups, Ray V just isn't worth it.

Supervise and Moon Mirror Shield are by far the best equip spells for this style of deck.

The random warriors should be replaced with extra copies of Goblindbergh, Photon Thrasher or Summoner Monk to speed up Rank 4 Access, at least until VRains hits, then you can use them to speed up Link Summoning as Geminis work for Link Spider and Goblindbergh is EARTH for Missus Radiant.
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D-Slayer is just really niceD-Slayer is just really niceD-Slayer is just really niceD-Slayer is just really nice

There are a couple of things that I'm not a fan of here - which we'll go through in turn.

Firstly - this deck seems to lack a focus - what exactly are you trying to do here - I get that you're going to summon Evocator and use it to destroy opposing cards, but what does Silver Sentinel do to aid that goal? D.D. Warrior Lady? Wildheart?

Decks like this need to decide what their plan is and play 2s and 3s of the best cards to support it.

So let's come up with a plan for this deck - summoning FIRE Warrior-Type monsters to Synchro/Xyz with and attack for lots of damage - it can be as simple as that.

We'll choose the best FIRE Warrior Monsters:

Evocator Chevalier
Rose, Warrior of Revenge
Blue Flame Swordsman
Command Knight

And we'll play 2-3 of those, then we'll play the best Warriors that allow for Xyz and Synchro summoning quickly - Photon Thrasher and Goblingbergh - in multiple copies.

Adding Maxx "C" completes this line - there's no need for anything else here:

Moving to Spells, and you're really heavy on Equip Spells, Attack boosts and Rank-Up Magic here - which isn't a good thing.
All these card types focus on the gameplay style of putting all your eggs in one monster-shaped basket and hoping it gets there, which is not only contrary to the plan of summoning lots of monsters, it's not a great idea in a format dominated by Zoodiac Drident...

We're only playing 3 Evocator Chevalier, so we don't need a huge number of Equip Spells - 3 will do. Noble Arms Arfeudutyr is the best choice here, because it has an effect that's useful whether you have Evocator or not.

Ranks-Ups are the same thing, and why bother playing Rank Up Magic when one of the best Utopia monsters (Utopia the Lightning) doesn't need one.
Instead I'd play Instant Fusion here - a card that can either get you to Utopia the Lightning if Needed, but can (Through Norden) summon any Generic Rank 4 monster in your Extra deck.

The next big thing you're missing is Ties of the Brethren - which allows for the summon of Multiple FIRE Warrior Type monsters when you control just one - you can use this to get at Command Knight and Evocator, or just summon Rose Warrior to set up a Synchro Summon next turn.

The next thing I'd like to look at is "Staple" Spells/Traps. The game has very few nowadays, some might even say none. Of the things you listed, only these are even close:

Dark Hole
Mystical Space Typhoon
Bottomless Trap Hole
Mirror Force

And most of these are format dependent. A Trap line for a deck like this should look like this:

Every Trap should either remove opposing monsters or summon your own, with the best of them having very general triggers.
Cards like Magic Cylinder, Magic Drain and Dark Bribe just don't have any place in a competitive deck

Put the above together and you get this:

Which is where I'd start for this deck.

Extra deck should be something like this:

1 Elder Entity Norden
1 Stardust Dragon
1 Crimson Blader
1 PSY-Framelord Omega
1 Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend
1 Number 39 - Utopia
1 Number S39 - Utopia the Lightning
1 Blade Armor Ninja
1 Heroic Champion - Excalibur
1 Castel the Skyblaster Musketeer
1 Diamond Dire Wolf
1 Daigusto Emeral
1 Abyss Dweller
1 Heroic Champion Rhongominiad
1 Number 80 - Rhapsody in Beserk
Which should cover most situations.
I'd give that a go, see what you think. hope it helps
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