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Default Looking to Finish Foiling Deck/Get Rid of Extra Cards

Ignore the title! I'm looking for a lot of cards to build a few decks rather than just foiling out my old deck (this way I can still play with a friend lol)
1. All pojo rules apply!
2. North America Only!
3. I will not check Naruto lists. Sorry, but I am trying to clean out my house and get rid of my older cards and I don't need any more (except for my wants because I really always wanted to finish this deck).
4. I honestly don't know values when it comes to these cards, so if you know where we can find REASONABLE values, please lmk.
6. All cards are good condition. Some of them (the older Platinums) are curved from being stored in my garage for 4+ years, but no real damage to the cards themselves.
7. I am not posting whether a card is 1/e or not. If it really matters, please feel free to ask and I will let you know.
8. Haves are listed alphabetically, not by set (use CTRL+F to find stuff faster). I will also include the card number to help distinguish the cards (above my haves, I have posted a link to another site that has an up to date list of everything, so check there too please)
9. For foils, assume all foils are regular/wavy unless I post otherwise after the card.


Fateful Reunion:
x1 Neji Hyuga & Hinata Hyuga [Eminent Clan] (549, Rare)

Foretold Prophecy:
x1 The 4th Kazekage [Dignity] (691, Super Rare)

Broken Promise:
x6 Fear by Genjutsu (640, Super Rare OR B&G Super Rare)
x1 Tobi [Man of Mystery] (717, Uncommon OR Platinum)

Will of Fire:
x1 Naruto Uzumaki [Reliance] (861, STSR)
x1 Shikamaru Nara & Choji Akimichi [Leaf's Uncovered Elite] (819, Rare)
x3 Hinata Hyuga (Student) [In the Sunlight] (797, Uncommon)

Fangs of the Snake:
x1 Sasori (Puppet Mode) [Scorpion of the Red Sand] (947, Rare)

Tales of the Gallant Sage:
x1 Hydro-Pump (797, Super Rare)
x2 Pain & Itachi Uchiha [The Eyes of Pain and Pride] (1096, Super Rare)
x1 Kakashi Hatake & Yamato [Tag Team] (1053, Rare)
x5 Monster Research (740, Rare)

Shattered Truths:
x2 Void World (773, Rare OR Starter Rare)
x1 Hotaru Katsuragi [Tsuchigumo's Secret] (1134, Common)

Weapons of War:
x1 The 1st Hokage [Supremacy] (1216, Super Rare)
x1 The 2nd Hokage [Supremacy] (1251, Super Rare)
x1 Danzo [Research] (1225, Rare)
x5 Mind Transfer Jutsu (841, Uncommon)

x1 Almighty Push (888, Super Rare)
x2 Deidara [Fiery Wrath] (1281, Super Rare)
x3 Heretical Icon [Rejuvenate] (1333, Rare)

Sage's Legacy:
x1 Catastrophic Planetary Construction (919, Super Rare)
x3 Gedo: Art of Rinne Rebirth (881, Super Rare)
x2 Naruto Uzumaki (Sage Mode) [Ascended] (1395, Super Rare)
x3 A Father in Dark Times (870, Uncommon)
x1 The True Pain (882, Uncommon)

Kage Summit:
x2 Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, & Choji Akimichi [Ideal Squad] (1486, STSR)
x1 Kankuro, Temari, & Gaara of the Desert [Bonds of Blood] (1487, STSR)
x6 Shikamaru Nara [Outwit] (1425, Common)

Hero's Ascension:
x2 Kabuto Yakushi [Intellectual Persuit] (1602, Super Rare)
x3 Pain (Deva Path) [Pursuit of Power] (1619, STSR)
x1 Gamabunta [Great Equalizer] (1591, Rare)
x3 Shino Aburame [Calculated Decision] (1609, Uncommon)

Tournament Packs:
x1 Nagato [The Six Paths of Pain] (TP3-1205, Super Rare)
x3 Naruto Uzumaki [Tapping the Beast's Power] (TP4-1340, Super Rare)
x1 Sasori [Creating the Masterpiece] (TP1 OR TP2- 878, Super Rare)
x3 Bonds of Friendship (TP1 OR TP2- 669, Rare)
x4 Expansion Jutsu: Super Slap! (TP1 OR TP2- 697, Rare)
x1 Sasuke Uchiha [Initial Attack] (TP2-1030, Rare)
x9 Shikamaru's Decision (TP4-848, Rare)
x1 Konohamaru Ninja Squad [Successors to the Will of Fire] (TP1 OR TP2- 871, Uncommon)

Promotional Rares:
x2 Naruto Uzumaki [Aspirations] (PR-100)
x3 Naruto Uzumaki & Sasuke Uchiha [The Ultimate Jutsu] (PR-064, Sasuke Untouchable Tin)
x3 Naruto Uzumaki (Clone) [Distraction] (PR-054, Target 3 Pack Promo)
x6 Never Ending Love (PR-092, Regular OR Gold Version)
x3 Sakura Haruno [Determination] (US004, Sasuke Untouchable Tin Alt. Art Reprint)
OR x3 Sakura Haruno [Determination] (ER-US005, Uncommon)
x1 Sasuke Uchiha & Kakashi Hatake [Warped Battlefield] (PR-076, Gen Con 2011 Promo)

Path of Pain Mat
Itachi/Pain Mat
1st Hokatge Mat
2nd Hokage Mat
4th Hokage Mat
Lineage of Legends The Five Hokage Mat
Chibi Akatsuki Mat
Zabuza/Haku Mat
Invasion Mat
Itachi Mat
Kakashi/Zabuza Mat
Kimono Mat
Kunoichi Mat
Chibi Chirstmas
Foretold Prophecy Mat
Sasuke Uchiha (Orange Mat)
Susano'o/Itachi Mat

HAVES (I have tons of older foils, rares, & platinums, but can't list it all right now):

Super Rares:
x1 Chidori [us022; Starter]
x1 Gaara of the Desert (Sand Coffin) [The Chosen] (Starter)
x1 Mysterious Warrior [TP4]
x1 Naruto Uzumaki Barrage [Curse of the Sand]
x1 Orochimaru (Deal) [The Chosen]
x1 Orochimaru (Reconnaissance) [Promo Reprint]
x1 Rasengan [us021; Starter]
x1 Sasuke Uchiha (Lethal Attack) [Starter Promo] FOIL
x2 Zabuza Mimochi (Bottomless Power) [Approaching Wind]

Alternate Art Reprints:
x3 Ino Yamanaka (Formation)
x2 Neji Hyuga (Another Method for Absolute Perfection)
x3 Kankuro (First-Class Puppet Master)
x1 Asuma Sarutobi (Barbecue)
x1 Hinata Hyuga (Ointment)
x1 Kisame Hoshigaki (Chakra Eater Sword)
x1 Tenten (Projectile Weapons)

x2 For the Title of Hokage [PR031]
x1 Kakashi Hatake (Sharingan Eye Kakashi) [PR009R] (Common)
x1 Kakashi Hatake (Sharingan Eye Kakashi) [PR009] (Diamond Foil)
x1 Rasengan [PR020]
x1 Sakura Haruno (Precious Fellow) [PR007R]
x2 Sakura Haruno (Textbook Ninjutsu) [PR003]
x3 Start the Battle [PR012]
x3 The Origin of the Plot [PR013]

Foil Rares:
x1 8 Trigrams Palms Rotation [us019]
x1 A Thousand Years of Death [451]
x1 Blade Slash [308] Diamond
x1 Curse Mark Out of Control [071]
x2 Double-Headed Wolf (Risky New Jutsu) [273] x1 Wavy Foil and x1 Diamond Foil
x2 Falcon Drop [280] Spiral
x1 Fire Style: Flame Rasengan [303] Prism
x1 Five-Pronged Seal [092] Diamond
x1 Fugai (Transformation) [us098]
x1 Giant Sand Burial [269] Diamond
x1 Gigantic Fan [us015]
x1 Haku (Real Face Behind the Mask) [322] Prism
x1 Important Things [us070] Spiral
x2 Jirobo (Impenetrable Barrier) [149] Diamond
x2 Kabuto Yakushi (Impact of the Jutsu) [216] x1 Wavy and x1 Diamond
x1 Kagero (Once in a Lifetime) [302] Diamond
x1 Kakashi Hatake (Late Arrival) [109] Diamond
x1 Kankuro (Puppet Master) [059]
x1 Kidomaru (Impenetrable Barrier) [148]
x1 Loop Fist [233] Diamond
x1 Man-Beast Transformation Combo [239]
x1 Orochimaru (Master of Every Jutsu) [320] Spiral
x1 Orochimaru (Temporary Vessel) [255]
x1 Orochimaru (Venom of the Serpent) [985]
x1 Rasengan [255]
x1 Rising Thunder [262] Diamond
x1 Sakon (Impenetrable Barrier) [150] Diamond
x1 Sasuke Uchiha (Power of the Curse Mark) [068]
x1 Sasuke Uchiha (Vengeful Spirit) [931]
x1 Shadow Clashing Palm Jutsu [298] Spiral
x1 Shikamaru Nara (IQ of 200 or Higher) [138] Diamond
x1 Sonic Fang [053] Diamond
x1 Spy of the Hidden Sound Village [096]
x1 Supreme Ninjutsu: One's Own Rule [301] Spiral
x1 Symbol of the Rogue Ninja [us107]
x1 Tayuya (Impenetrable Barrier) [151]
x1 Temporizing Threat [330]
x1 Temptation [us044]
x1 The First Hokage (The Hokage Level) [167]
x1 Toad Mouth Trap [us045]
x1 Training in the Moonlight [282] Prism
x1 Tsukuyomi [177]
x1 Under a Starry Sky [310]
x1 Water Clone Jutsu [702]
x3 Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu [us011]
x1 Water Style: Exploding Water Shock Wave [482]
x2 Wolf Fang Over Fang [236] x1 Diamond and x1 Wavy
x1 Zabuza Mimochi & Haku (Tragic Bond) [c016]

Foil Uncommons:
x1 A Father in Dark Times [870]
x1 A Thousand Needles of Death [035] Diamond
x1 Ambitious Squad [342]
x1 Ambush [337]
x1 Animalization [283] Spiral
x1 Arhat Fist [237] Diamond
x1 Blowout [us066] Spiral
x1 Concentration of Power [252]
x1 Controlling the Curse [692]
x1 Cooking Match [309] Diamond
x1 Counter by the Sharingan Eye [us091]
x1 Curry of Life [287] Diamond
x2 Curse Mark Jutsu [369]
x1 Dangerous Intruders [364]
x1 Day of Seperation [257]
x1 Determination to Protect [856]
x1 Double Knock Out [us067] Prism
x2 Earth Style: Mud Wall [158]
x1 Eight Inner Gates [361]
x1 Exercise [371]
x1 Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu [386]
x1 Flamethrower [503]
x2 Giant Snake (Assassin of Orochimaru) [693]
x1 Hot Springs [122] Diamond
x1 Impersonation Jutsu [411]
x1 Incarnation of the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit [us034]
x1 Intent to Kill [014]
x2 Iron Chain [319]
x2 Kabuto Yakushi (Orochimaru's Right Hand) [us073] Prism
x1 Kagero Ninja Art: Bubbles [273]
x1 Kaleidoscope Sharingan [381]
x1 Kankuro (Fear of the Puppets) [us075] Prism
x1 Last Ditch Attack [385]
x1 Leaf's Severe Hurricane [232]
x1 Masters of Genjutsu [679]
x1 Melee [357]
x1 Might Guy (Unstoppable Blue Beast) [915]
x1 Multiple Attacks [us052]
x1 Naruto Uzumaki (For the Promise) [397]
x1 Naruto Uzumaki (Self-Sacrificing Attack) [115]
x1 Nerugui [036]
x2 New Vessel [329]
x1 Ninja Art: Doodlebug Jutsu [272] Diamond
x1 Outsmarting the Opponent [us075] Prism
x1 Overlapping Images [us073] Prism
x2 Phobia [us072] Prism
x3 Power of State 2 [715]
x1 Restoration of Memory [us086]
x1 Sakon (Releasing the Cursed Mark] [457]
x1 Sand Coffin [078]
x1 Sasuke Uchiha & Itachi Uchiha (Brothers) [263]
x1 Screw-Up [271] Prism
x1 Sealing Jutsu: Fire Seal [us061] Prism
x1 Secret Book [880]
x1 Shadow Clone Jutsu [049
x1 Shadow Strangle Jutsu [251] Diamond
x1 Sharingan Eye [063]
x1 Shimon Hijiri (Keeping an Eye) [628
x1 Sonic Speed Attack [us089] Diamond
x1 Spread Talons [689]
x1 Stubborn [us085] Prism
x1 Tayuya (Releasing the Cursed Mark) [459]
x1 Tenten (Projectile Weapons) [311] Prism
x1 The Handsome Devil Returns [238] Diamond
x1 Toe to Toe [us102]
x1 Torune (Nano Insects) [1417]
x1 Under the Rising Moon [784]
x1 Unkai Kurama (Reality or Illusion) [944]
x1 Water Style: Exploding Water Shock Wave [408]
x1 Water Style: Great Cannonball Jutsu [333]
x1 Wipe Out [us081] Prism
x1 Writing Novels [324]
x1 Youtful Appearance [us040]

Foil Commons:
Will Post Later

Will Post Later

Will Post Later

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list slightly updated!
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Hi do you by any chance have hinata awaken foil and a choji (commrads) foil?
I am also looking for sage mode naruto the set 24 one and sasuke and kakashi squad which places -1 coins on ninjas.
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Originally Posted by Naruto1991 View Post
Hi do you by any chance have hinata awaken foil and a choji (commrads) foil?
I am also looking for sage mode naruto the set 24 one and sasuke and kakashi squad which places -1 coins on ninjas.
No, I do not have any of those.
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