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Played two games on VASSAL with agiantpie.

For his first game in quite some time, we went with a standard setup at 40 points. He went Spanish with the Acorazado and Pescados de Plata, while I fielded a Pirate fleet with the Arabella, Zanzibar, and Fleur de la Mort.

The Arabella and Fleur de la Mort got tangled with the Battleship, whose amazing defenses saved her from terrible dice luck.

After a double shoot action by the Acorazado, the Pirates were in bad shape:

The Arabella took a mast off the Pescado before both her and the Fleur were sunk by the Acorazado. The Zanzibar was chased down and the Spanish won in a shutout, 7-0!

The second game was at 50 points, with two strings of terrain added. A line of reefs and sargasso seas stretched out from the middle island. I completely overhauled my fleet and went with a Crimson Coast Pirates theme, with the Victoire, Raven, and Royal James. agiantpie added the Picador with a captain and cannoneer.

The Raven and Royal James took a nice amount of gold from the center island, while the Victoire headed north. Both Spanish gunships headed straight for the tag team of Pirate schooners.

The Pirates were too quick for the Acorazado, who temporarily retired to the south. The Victoire decided to take the more exciting route (which turned out to be a mistake heh, but at least it was more interesting) and use the Sextant UT to cross the dangerous reefs to attack the Picador, who had sailed north.

The Raven and Royal James wanted to avoid the Acorazado and get more gold, possibly with El Phantasma aboard the Raven.

However, the Acorazado got an SAT from Castro and dismasted the Royal James! The Raven's escort was smashed, but the RJ managed to effectively block the Acorazado by rowing up to her, allowing the Raven to escape.

The Royal James and Picador were sunk by the respective flagships! This left both fleets with 2 ships left.

The Raven managed to sneak by the Pescado after a brief scuffle, stealing a 4 coin from the Spanish HI! The Victoire prepared to run interference if necessary, and she also carried the Letter of Marque UT if there was a chance to repair at the Spanish HI.

But the Acorazado is too much for mere Pirates! Within two turns the Victoire was sunk and the Acorazado barely damaged.

After a closer chase than El Phantasma anticipated, the Raven docked home her stolen loot.

However, the Pescado had time to run off to the northwestern island, bringing back a 6 and 4! We were running out of time, and concluded that the 3 left in play would be sunk or stolen even if the Raven managed to get it without the Acorazado sinking her first. The Spanish won a fun game by a 21-19 margin! This further proves how amazing the Acorazado is, as if we needed more proof. Even in standard smaller games she can shine as the best gunship in history. Congratulations to agiantpie for 2 victories in his triumphant return to Pirates!

Additional Comment:


I was joined on VASSAL by agiantpie! The setup was for 80 points.

I went with a French fleet that had also hired El Fantasma aboard the Hades' Realm, while agiantpie went with an all-SM English fleet. Plenty of fog was around.

In addition, we decided to experiment using basic return fire rules! Once a ship was done shooting at another ship, the second ship could return fire with any cannons it had left, though they would get -1 to their rolls.

With an SAT, the Hades' Realm (HR) made it into a fog bank near the English home island.

The Soleil Royal, Royal Louis, and King Edward all reached wild islands. The HR got an SAT coming out of the fog, and hit the Dover and King Edward with consecutive attacks! The Dover only lost one mast, but the King Edward was nearly dismasted, and Fantasma stole a 5 coin.

With yet another SAT, the HR eventually sank the Dover! This was too much for the English, and the Titan finally caught the Cursed menace and dismasted her. In the meantime, the Montreal had taken up station in the fog bank where the HR was hiding earlier.

The Titan captured the HR and towed her into a fog bank to avoid the Montreal and get the stolen 5 back in English possession. The King Edward docked home gold and started repairing, while the Lord Algernon would explore the middle island. The Royal Louis and Soleil Royal sought the untouched southern island.

The Royal Louis has loaded gold, while the Soleil Royal prepares to defend her, waiting in the fog. The remaining English ships head southwest, while the captured HR repairs.

The Royal Louis parleyed her way out of some sticky situations, but that started to decrease the French gold advantage. The Soleil Royal lost a battle to the Titan after going 2/5 (including losing her grape shot on a 1) and taking major return fire damage (the Titan went 3/3). The Montreal did what she could to help, but it wouldn't be enough. The Royal Louis ended up pinned, which further ruined French hopes. In the end, although the French parley gamble worked for a while (the lowest value coins from the HI were given up), the gold differential kept tilting towards the English, while the French fleet was soundly defeated in the south. The Royal Louis' masts finally fell when she couldn't afford to give away more gold, and the game was over!

The English were up 21-15 at that point, when we decided to call it. The Montreal would have rowed home to repair, allowing the English to get the rest of their gold home and make the final score 33-15.

It was definitely a good game, if not frustrating for both of us lol. The return fire aspect was interesting, though I'm not sure the -1 to cannon rolls is enough moving forward... more playtesting is needed, and hopefully other forms of this oft-discussed but rarely-played house rule will see the light of play.

Additional Comment:


Between these games and the Frozen North anniversary games, plenty of BR's coming soon!

hiddenelephant (Peter O'Connor on the module) just played his first game in quite some time!

We used our own fleets:
40pt French Introduction Fleet
Miniature Englishmen (a7xfanben)

To keep things fair at 40 points apiece I took out the Gibraltar flotilla and added oarsmen to the Antelope and Sea Tiger.

From top to bottom: the Jaguar and Descharges split up with some help from Deleflote aboard the Bonne Chance, but are pursued by the English gunships. The Antelope and Snipe team up at the center island, while the Sea Tiger is stuck for a turn after finding the Natives UT.

The English strike successfully, but their meager firepower can't dismast either French ship.

The Descharges docked home 4 coins, while the Jaguar fought back, dismasting the Bilge with a ram. The English had a windfall with all 3 gold runners docking on the same turn.

The Bonne Chance finally sailed out, engaging the Cumberland. However, she was ineffective, only taking out one mast.

The Jaguar docked home gold, while the Bonne Chance repaired after sinking the Cumberland. The Antelope tries a ram to distract the Descharges while the Sea Tiger is about to load the game's final coin.

The Descharges sank the Antelope with the help of Deleflote and then stole the final coin from the Sea Tiger!

In the end, hiddenelephant was victorious!

1. French: 26 gold
2. English: 21 gold

Additional Comment:


There she is! Without further ado, introducing my newest 10 master: the Celtic Fury!

After becoming a moderator at Miniature Trading, a gift was sent to me by two extremely generous members of the forum for my contributions. The Celtic Fury came from wantkrakens, while I also received a South China Seas Super Rare pack (which I partially featured on my Instagram) from xeriousone.

The fleets were as follows:

French Mercenaries:
Celtic Fury + Eileen Brigid O'Brien, Duncan Rousseau, captain, helmsman
Royal Louis + helmsman
Floating Stone

English Americans:
Grampus + captain, helmsman, oarsman
Pequod + explorer
HMS Dunlap
HMS Henry VIII + oarsman

It's a combo I've been intrigued by in the past, and putting it on a brand-new (constructed hours earlier heh) 10 master seemed even more perfect. Parley on a gunship, while Rousseau's reroll pairs perfectly with O'Brien's SAT. In addition, with her link the Celtic Fury would be sailing with 4 cargo spaces open.

The Celtic Fury (CF) got a quick SAT and reached a beach on the main wild island. At the right you can see the Floating Stone and Royal Louis heading for other gold.

On the second turn the fast Grampus invaded French waters, dismasting the Floating Stone. The Celtic Fury sailed up, and true to my past form (not just in terms of shooting but especially with 10 masters), missed 7 shots out of 8!! It was an unsurprisingly poor start for yet another disappointing 10 masted behemoth. (though, considering the cannon ranks it was much less bizarre than my Baochuan with world-hater Chang Pao aboard missing 6 shots out of 7 in the RISK game from 2012...)

A better angle on the battle:

The Henry VIII reached an island, but the Royal Louis had already taken most of its gold. The Pequod took most of the gold on the beach opposite the fighting.

With the help of an SAT, eventually my strategy of simply putting more and more firepower on the target won the battle (not dissimilar to my strategy in VASSAL Campaign Game 1). The Grampus did sink the Floating Stone, but was sunk herself soon thereafter.

Perhaps the CF's gunners were just waking up? XD Or they're just inexperienced!

The CF heads to finish off the original beach she explored, while the Royal Louis sails over the debris of battle. The English Americans have gold headed home, and not much remains available.

All ships carrying gold eventually got home. The Celtic Fury got another SAT to cripple the Henry VIII, but after that, O'Brien decided she had caused enough carnage for one day.

The final scores proved how many high-value coins had been picked at random for distribution:

1. French Mercenaries: 49 gold
2. English Americans: 24 gold

A mostly successful debut for the Celtic Fury, with a lot of help from her crew combos. The English Americans had success as well, sinking the Floating Stone and collecting quite a bit of gold in a short time. The differential looks lopsided, but the game was arguably over early on, when the Celtic Fury found at least 19 gold (7,6,5,1 or something) in her first haul. I was happy not to use Parley, as it would have made my fleet seem somewhat OP, but Duncan Rousseau and the Royal Louis remain two of my favorite French game pieces. I find it funny how typical my luck was - rather good with double actions (I believe I got 3 SAT's in a row without needing to reroll), but awful with cannon rolls (as usual, including recently on VASSAL).

More reports coming soon - besides not one but TWO Frozen North 10th anniversary games, Xerecs and I have been joined by Noah from England for a 3 player game that is still in progress! (further proving that time zone differences don't necessarily matter, even for live games)

Additional Comment:

Yesterday (2/12) I won an extremely brief game against hiddenelephant. Xerecs arrived and we set up for a 3 player game, which will hopefully happen sometime soon.

After resuming T2 and stopping in the middle of the second game for a rules question, we decided to have a quick deathmatch. My Acorazado fleet was at 29 wins, tied with my HMS Grand Temple fleet for the most all-time.

Xerecs took the Acorazado on with a crew elimination/boarding strategy:
Flying Dutchman + Hammersmith, Crimson Angel, Tia Dalma, Capitaine Chevalle, oarsman

Each of the FD's hits would eliminate a crew, even if they didn't eliminate a mast. Vega and the helmsman were the first to go, but the Acorazado responded by going 3 for 4.

In a big moment, the FD won a boarding party to kill all of the Acorazado's remaining crew! This left her very vulnerable, but she managed to dismast the FD. However, the FD would win the game if she was sunk, because we ruled that Eternal could still work once. The FD had to be captured, but between her oarsman and the Acorazado's lack of a helmsman or SAT from Castro, that didn't happen. The FD managed to get away to repair, setting up a second clash. This time the FD won since Tia Dalma was able to cancel the Acorazado's ability and the Acorazado had no crew to use. It was honestly one of the most frustrating games I've been involved in, not just because I lost, but because there were so many complex ability interactions and annoying occurrences (such as the boarding roll arguably determining the whole game's result, and the no-win situations that both fleets seemed to be in at various times). It made me think that home islands should perhaps be eliminated from deathmatches once the game begins (or do away with them altogether), between Eternal being undercosted and the temptation to lurk near your home island so your opponent will come to you.

Additional Comment:

Today (2/14) is the 10th anniversary of Pirates of the Frozen North! Over the course of two sessions on VASSAL a 3 player game using only game pieces from FN was played.

These were the combatants, in the order of play:

Cursed (agiantpie):
Loki's Revenge, Baba Yaga, Serpent's Fang

French (xerecs):
La Delacroix, Marie Antoinette, La Dijon

Vikings (a7xfanben):
Muninn, Donar, Sleipnir

We changed the setup rules slightly, with 4 wild islands (just like a 2 player game) and 6 coins of any value or type (as long as the UT's were from FN) on each island. The VASSAL module doesn't have icebergs, but the fog banks look great as icebergs and even have the same dice markings on the edges, so fog was ice in this game.

The fleets after a turn:

I forgot to take pictures for a while, and you can see here that a lot of UT's have been discovered and played. Of the 8 coins that I contributed to the mix, all were UT's from FN! Throw in an extra Runes of Death and one Odin's Revenge, and things were bound to get crazy. The Dijon found the first Runes of Death very early in the game. However, she was very close to her home island... but the Loki's Revenge sank her! A whopping 13 gold was sent to the bottom of the sea, and the French had their main gold runner sunk. The French experienced further woes when the Marie Antoinette found many UT's at the northeastern island, among them Odin's Revenge. That UT hurt the Vikings the most, dismasting the Sleipnir. The Vikings were smart to explore with the Sleipnir on their turn, for she found the second Runes of Death that could have been loaded by the Donar! With no crew or masts remaining, death was averted, at least for the time being.

However, the Cursed soon played Runes of Magic, moving an iceberg towards the fragile Viking fleet, whose Muninn and Donar would take damage from the iceberg. The Delacroix and Marie Antoinette descended upon the crippled Viking fleet, but they weren't as successful as anticipated. The Delacroix took damage from an iceberg and a ram from the Sleipnir, while the Muninn engaged the Marie Antoinette. Runes of Thor was played on the Vikings' Sigurd Andersen to guarantee an Admiral's Action, since it looked like the Donar (the ship carrying Runes of Thor) would be captured by the MA.

This is when the game began to turn odd. The Delacroix and Marie Antoinette captured the Sleipnir and Donar respectively, temporarily giving the French 4 ships. However, this was but a mirage of success for France, as the Muninn dismasted and captured the MA, while the Delacroix lost her final mast to an iceberg! Suddenly the French only had two usable ships, both former Viking ships with gold aboard. In the west, the Cursed have set out once more, while a double iceberg has been formed between the 3 home islands.

The miraculous Viking comeback continues! The Muninn recaptures the Donar, brings her back to unload gold, and uses her reverse captain ability to cripple the Baba Yaga only after the Baba Yaga missed the derelict Donar twice in a row! Not to mention the Marie Antoinette being repaired to full strength, and the mega iceberg dismasting the Baba Yaga! #tombrady #johncena #nevergiveup. lol. (just kidding, the Vikings never had much of a chance in this game, and unfortunately for me they didn't win at the end heh)

The Muninn and MA stopped the Loki's Revenge from getting home with a coin, but the Serpent's Fang brought home a few more for the Cursed. The final coins on the northeastern island wouldn't have mattered, as the game had been decided.

1. Cursed: 16 gold
2. French: 5
3. Vikings: 2

The Cursed win a fun one! The French and Vikings got embroiled with UT's and each other, while the Cursed found a 6 and a 4 early in the game. The Cursed essentially clinched their victory by sinking the Dijon and her 13 gold. The late-game surge by the Vikings was fitting considering it was an FN-only game, but it turned out to just be some late fireworks. The icebergs were a big factor, and between them and the Runes, it was a very thematic way to celebrate Pirates of the Frozen North.

Additional Comment:

Today (2/14) is the 10th anniversary of Pirates of the Frozen North! To commemorate the occasion I played a game using ONLY stuff from FN, with the exception of generic crew so the game would be more fair.

Here are the fleets in the order of play, as the Vikings rolled to go first!
My current traveling collection actually has some of the better Viking gold runners, though I was disappointed to leave the Donar out. However, with the Grendel, Sleipnir, and Kalaallit (abbreviated KL) getting gold, the Vikings looked to be in good shape. The Wodin looked to function as a hybrid, with 3 spaces open for gold, the captain and helmsman ability with good guns, and the gold capture ability for yet another option. The Hrothgar was the flagship of the 100 point fleet, carrying two of the best Viking named crew (Shayna Deux and Sigurd Andersen) as well as a proxy helmsman as my Viking crew options are lacking.

The opposition: a conglomeration of ships from the Big 5 factions, which is almost all the other FN ships in my traveling collection!
The rarely used Seminole would try to give the already-deadly Tartessos and Orkney an extra cannon bonus, making for an intimidating gunship squadron. The Marie Antoinette (MA) led a group of four gold runners, the rest of which were small, uncrewed ships. The MA had Leander Arnaud aboard, who would try to take advantage of the MA's S-boarding and steal lots of Viking loot. This would be my first time using the Seminole, Tartessos, and Ahura Mazda, as they are all recent acquisitions.

Welcome to the Frozen North!!
The Big 5 picked an island near lots of icebergs to be the Viking home island. The Vikings didn't want to deal with the Orkney and Tartessos, choosing one of the furthest islands away, and hoped the arches and some icebergs could give them trouble. The straws at the upper left and right are the round earth boundaries.

The 3D foam icebergs would function as icebergs numbered 1, 2, and 3, with the largest being 1 and the smallest being 3 since you want to roll high in this game. For their direction, 1=NE, 2=E, 3=SE, 4=SW, 5=W, 6=NW (essentially clockwise from the north with no due north/due south).

6 regular icebergs were also in play, with 6 FN islands making up the home and wild islands. I didn't use my custom islands (with lots of green foliage heh) since I wanted the setup to be as thematic as possible.


Arches always seem to lead to great picture opportunities, and this game was definitely no exception.


Both home islands and both arches:

The Big 5 had 7 ships to the Vikings' 5, but both fleets had plenty of ships on the small side.

Which fleet would weather the cold and emerge victorious?

The west:

The east:

The arch on the left is usually flipped to the right to put gold on it, but here I liked it a bit different, allowing the little nook you see at the closer end. Each island had 6 coins, except for an accidental 7 on the southern island.

They're off! Eager to take advantage of two nearby northern islands, and to avoid the gunships of the Big 5 fleet, all the Viking ships fittingly sailed north.

The Big 5 is confident that their diverse fleet will prevail. The gold runners scatter while the Orkney, Tartessos, and Seminole begin sailing towards the Vikings.

This was the ideal formation, with the gunships leading from the front but still withing S of the sheltered Seminole. The Orkney and Tartessos were willing to take an iceberg hit if it meant protecting the Seminole and keeping her speed at L+S to keep up with the gunships.

Bam! The first iceberg hit of the game and the MA is down a mast.

I love how realistic the foam icebergs are. They're very easy to make, as there's no painting/gluing/etc involved. I'd recommend trying some, especially if you like icebergs (which I usually don't lol).

The Sleipnir found the first Rune of the day, Runes of Magic, which could be very valuable with so many icebergs around.

Trying to avoid an iceberg, the formation splits up as the Tartessos prepares to navigate an archway.

The MA has round earthed to the north, while the sneaky Grendel may have similar ideas.

The KL finds more runes! Runes of Thor could have been used on Runes of Wealth to turn the 1 into a 6, but the Vikings figured they might want the 6 for a guaranteed extra action from Sigurd Andersen at some point in the future. There were better treasures than the 1 on the island, but the KL smartly grabbed a 1 and promptly turned it into a 4 via Runes of Wealth with a decent die roll.

Here, an iceberg has smashed up the stern of the Tartessos, while the Wodin has returned to the Viking home island, wary of a possible blockade or attempted interception of the Viking gold runners.

I'd wanted La Tartessos for a long time, especially after she proved herself in VASSAL Campaign Game 1. It was great to build the ship and see the unique artwork on the hull.

With the Wodin and Hrothgar relatively near, the squadron sails under the arch.

Looking at English, American, and Spanish flags through the arch and seeing Viking flags beyond:

The Cantabrian and MA have reached wild islands; at the top right Grim the Savage aboard the Grendel has realized it will be some time before the Big 5 get some gold to their home island, so he docks at the KL's island to load gold while postponing any raiding attempts.

Watch out for the imperialists!

The Hrothgar in heavy seas, ready to defend the Sleipnir if necessary.

I love pictures that look through archways: here you can see the massive iceberg beyond the Wodin.

This picture almost makes it look like the ships are sailing very fast:

No more maneuvering - the Wodin attacks! However, after using her stern turn to get both cannons in range, the Wodin utterly fails, missing four consecutive shots, failing to eliminate a mast via the ram, and losing her helmsman in a disastrous boarding party. This time, getting the first shot backfired with very poor dice rolls. The Sleipnir has docked home gold, while the KL and Grendel aren't far behind with more.



This left the Wodin as a sitting duck for the Orkney, who sank her with the help of the Seminole's bonus.

The Tartessos has turned around, while the Hrothgar had docked at the Viking home island in a similar fashion as the Wodin, ready to break up a blockade and/or protect the gold runners.

On the Vikings' next turn, Sigurd Andersen rolled a 6! This gave the Hrothgar two actions and up to 12 shots!! The Hrothgar's first action sank the Seminole and crippled the Orkney, while her second was a dud. (only 4 cannons were in range of the Orkney on the second action since the Hrothgar returned to the safety of her home island in anticipation of a counterattack)

The Tweed has finally reached the southern island, finding valuable gold. The MA, Cantabrian, and Ahura Mazda all have gold for the Big 5.

Chaos reigned during this period of the game, with the Orkney dismasting a departing Sleipnir and the Tartessos basically running away from the Hrothgar, who couldn't be shot at while docked at her HI.

An impressive sight, but unfortunately for the Big 5 those guns were more useful in last year's CG1 than this effort.

Through an arch: Viking flags, a desperate Englishman, and the carnage of battle.

The KL has returned home with gold, while the Grendel is almost back. The loss of the Wodin was not in vain, as the event partially helped the Vikings turn the tide.

With perfect timing, the Vikings reveal their secret weapon - Runes of Thor! This UT changed Sigurd Andersen's die roll to an automatic 6, allowing the Hrothgar another pair of devastating actions!

The Hrothgar's guns are mediocre, but the sheer volume of firepower allowed her to sink the Orkney...

...and dismast the Tartessos.

The Grendel docks and the KL goes out for more gold:

All four of the Big 5 gold runners are close to unloading, while at the right, the Tartessos tries to run with her helmsman and oarsman. You may have noticed something terrible happening to the Grendel...


Unlucky enough to get smashed by an iceberg at her own home island, the unthinkable then occurred: the EXACT same die rolls were made for icebergs at the beginning of the Viking turn, which slammed the iceberg into the Grendel once more, this time dismasting her! I nearly made a house rule where icebergs could sink derelicts (or the giant iceberg eliminated two masts per hit, etc), but it wouldn't be fair to the Viking fleet in particular to make it up on the spot.

Luckily the oared Sleipnir was nearby to try a rescue attempt:

The Hrothgar sinks the Tartessos, eliminating the last remnant of the Big 5's gunship squadron. The Hrothgar has had an impressive game indeed, in no small part because of her excellent crew.

The Tweed, knowing the faster Hrothgar would likely come after her, took a risk that didn't pan out! She sailed too close to an iceberg, which moved to dismast her at the beginning of a turn. The MA sails out to rescue her, but the Hrothgar is faster than any of the ships remaining in the Big 5 fleet. At the top left, the Ahura Mazda will try to add value to each coin the Cantabrian brings back. The Sleipnir has successfully taken the poor Grendel under tow, while the KL loads gold from the southern island.

With another AA from Andersen, the Hrothgar wrecks any chance of getting the Tweed's 8 gold home. The MA is sunk and the Vikings look close to being able to control the final part of the game.

Indeed, the Vikings have the momentum here. The KL unloads yet more gold, while the Sleipnir and Grendel repair.

The Hrothgar prepares to annihilate the final two ships in the Big 5 fleet, but the Ahura Mazda stays docked at home and the Cantabrian sails out for more gold with Runes of Speed.

Knowing both ships must survive somehow, the Pirates go into desperation mode, ramming a mast off the Hrothgar while the Cantabrian looks to evade or get lucky if the Hrothgar misses. To make matters worse for the Big 5, the Grendel is fully repaired and Grim the Savage is finally ready for his highly anticipated home island raid!

BAM! The KL dismasts the Ahura Mazda, while Grim steals 3 coins from the Big 5 home island!

The Hrothgar intercepts the Cantabrian and dismasts her, abruptly ending the game!

The Big 5 has no future move actions available, while most gold has been unloaded to home islands.

The Vikings win 21-6! If not for Grim's last-minute raid, it would have turned out 21-16, so in reality the game was much closer and quite exciting!

It was great to pay homage to the Frozen North set, which has never been one of my favorite sets actually. However, it has some very cool stuff in it, and I like all the sets heh. It was nice to play some ships that are new to my collection. Fittingly, the Vikings won! The Hrothgar was definitely the "MVS" (Most Valuable Ship), sinking or dismasting the entire opposing fleet! The Runes of Destruction and Magic were also used, but not with much consequence. I didn't want to use Runes of Odin since it's a bit OP heh, especially when combined with Runes of Magic.

Thanks for reading!
Check out my fansite at Pirates with Ben!

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(Played on 4/1/2017)

This 3 player 40 point game was between morgull (Jose on the module), nickster5000, and myself.

Nick went first with a Pirate fleet, using the SM Harbinger and Recreant. Morgull followed with his own Pirate fleet, which included the Black Swan, Longshanks, and Bloody Jewel. I used a variation of my "Miniature Englishmen 2.0" fleet.

Maps of Alexandria revealed the treasures, and I had the best home island position. That's exactly what I needed, as my fleet was at a firepower and speed disadvantage. Here the Comet manages to hit the Black Swan, while the Rye gets into cancelling position.

The Black Swan sank the Rye while also revealing Havana Black. The English tried their best to position themselves optimally on their turn, with the Comet simultaneously shooting and turning for home. The Bartlesville shot at and rammed the Black Swan while trying to block her from getting at the Comet. You can see that the other ships have reached islands.

With the Black Swan approaching from the south, and the Harbinger breaking from her position in the north with the help of Calico Cat, the Comet was in trouble. However, she somehow survived the dual threat and was able to dock home a 6 coin, taking a mast off the Harbinger in the process! The Bartlesville's rowers weren't quite able to ram the Black Swan in time, and the Patagonia now looked to be in trouble in the southwest.

The Harbinger engaged the Black Swan, who then broke off to dismast the Patagonia. The Comet harassed the Harbinger, but it was likely too late for the Patagonia. The other ships have gold aboard.

The Black Swan sank the Patagonia and her load of 14 gold! This netted a 1 gold payout from Bratley's Ransom keyword. In addition, the Harbinger sank the Comet, eliminating the English from active contention! The Bloody Jewel and Recreant speed home.

The Harbinger chases down the Black Swan and dismasts her:

Only Pirates are left on these seas: the Black Swan is captured with the Harbinger's ability and the Recreant docks home her gold, suddenly giving Nick's fleet 3 ships at his home island.

The face down crew were finally revealed, and the Recreant and Longshanks became locked in battle! Morgull missed with his firepot specialist (as he expected to), allowing the Recreant to win the battle soon afterwards. The Bloody Jewel looked for more gold while the two 5 masters repaired.

The Harbinger can't quite reach the Bloody Jewel...

... and the game ends.

Since Morgull already had 16 gold and Nick wouldn't be able to get more than 14, Morgull has won his first game on the VASSAL module! It was a great game by all players, with more excitement then you'd expect. The English put up a good fight and had a few miraculous moments, and they would have had 20 gold if the Patagonia had 2 more turns to row home. They were eliminated before the action shifted to a Pirate civil war. If Nick had gone after the Bloody Jewel instead of the Black Swan, the result may have turned out differently, or maybe not. In the end, double actions and big cargo holds won the day.

Additional Comment:


Today is the 10th anniversary of Ocean's Edge! Due to lack of interest and some annoying no-shows, there weren't any VASSAL games played for this anniversary after all, so I had to play by myself. However, ironically enough the game turned out extremely well, despite using some of the most maligned ships ever!

Using only game pieces from OE, there were 4 fleets participating at a 50 point build total. After some die rolls, the order of play was Cursed, Spanish, Americans, Pirates. Each faction brought at least one sea creature; the Pirates brought two. To further emphasize the Ocean's Edge/At World's End aspect, flat earth rules were used, though they didn't come into play (though if round earth rules were used perhaps the game would have been slightly different).

Here is the setup, with 5 coins on each of the 5 wild islands. 5 whirlpools were also present.

The Americans had two S speed ships and their sea serpent Champ.

The Spanish had some nice diversity - a crab to cause terror, a slow but capacious gold runner, and a small but similarly capacious home island raider.

The Pirates were simply out for blood. They had only two open cargo spaces, but they were on the powerful Jape. Angelica and Teach were ready to eat plenty of man flesh with their sharp teeth!

The Cursed looked similar to the Americans, with two ships and a sea serpent. The Nosso Lar and Nightmare aren't two of their better ships, while Maxehebel isn't one of their best sea creatures. However, the Cursed sized up their arguably pathetic competition and knew they had a fighting chance.

After a turn, it looks like the Spanish and Cursed may clash over the northern island. The Americans stick together, while the Pirates do the opposite: they've decided to split their "fleet" into three, sending the Jape after the Americans, Angelica after the Cursed, and Teach after the Spanish.

The Mezquita was the first ship to explore, and found the first UT, which sent her through a whirlpool and out another one. The Santa Lucia turned east towards the same island to avoid the Cursed, but a submerged shark appeared off her larboard bow!

The Mezquita lost a mast, but was actually closer to her home island than if she hadn't found the UT. El Toro has decided to not engage the Cursed, instead guarding the Spanish HI to make sure the Mezquita gets home in case of a sneak attack by the Jape.

With a swoop attack Angelica savagely rips apart the Nosso Lar! In a rare opportunity to sail the ocean, the poor little Cursed ship barely gets a chance to prove her worth!

The next turn started with the Nightmare finding Lost and Homing Beacon on the northern island! 4 reefs showed up underneath a whopping 5 different ships! Angelica flew away from harm, but the Jape, Mezquita, and Aaron Burr all lost a mast each, with the Oregon losing two. Suddenly the Americans weren't looking good at all, especially with the Jape hot on their tail.


Both American ships were almost to the island before running into the sudden reef!


After coming through a whirlpool, Teach popped up and tried to bite off one of El Toro's arms!!

The attack failed and El Toro viciously ripped the shark to shreds with its huge claws!! It was a rare sea monster-only battle, with El Toro easily winning.

More combat! Chaos erupts in the southeast, as Champ can't quite block the Jape from hitting one of the two American ships. Sadly USS Aaron Burr will have to sail another time, as the Jape sunk her with one shoot action.

Angelica uses flamethrower! It's super effective against the Nosso Lar! A nice UT (Protection from Davy Jones) and a 7 sink to the locker.

Champ emerges to go 2/4 against the Jape, but the Jape escapes becoming a shipwreck to sail across the reef, ram the Oregon, and steal a 4 coin! The Americans can't catch a break, and the Cursed and Pirates have really messed with their game.

With one victim already sent to the depths, Angelica flies to an area where she's in range of the Mezquita and Nightmare, sizing up her prey. El Toro makes sure the Santa Lucia gets home safely while keeping an eye on the newly repaired Mezquita.

Champ rams off the Jape's last mast, but the Jape can still row at S+S with the stolen coin while her captain dies. The Oregon gets home, ensuring the Americans won't get shut out.

In a bold but disastrous move, Angelica swoops on El Toro, coming up short! The Pirates have fallen apart, though the Jape survives another hazardous trip across the reef while trying to row away from the Americans.

In another brutal attack, El Toro rips Angelica's head off!! (I got a little carried away and now I could use a new Angelica... however, the tape job I did after the game worked remarkably well for now, so I don't have a headless dragon.)

Maxehebel had tried to block the Mezquita, but the Spaniards aboard decided to duck into a whirlpool rather than face the beast, taking a slight shortcut in the meantime at the cost of another lost mizzenmast.

The Santa Lucia and Nightmare are already engaged in a chess match of sorts, with the Santa Lucia's HI raiding ability containing huge potential for the Spanish. Champ finally eliminates the Jape's oarsman, officially eliminating the Pirates from the game!

Will El Toro, now feeding on the dead carcass of Angelica, be distracted long enough to give the Cursed an opening in the south?

The Mezquita is cornered...

Maxehebel is successful, but the Nightmare utterly fails! The Mezquita has a whopping 13 gold aboard, and the Spanish already have 4 gold at their HI. The Cursed are in the lead with 5, while the Americans also have 4. The Pirates are already out of it, but they caused some sufficient chaos before exiting.

El Toro's answer is a clear no! Urged onward by Victor de Alva, the giant crab continues its reign of terror, this time grabbing Maxehebel by the tail and yanking it off! The Mezquita escapes, but the CHAMP is here! lol

The Santa Lucia has robbed the Cursed home island! The Oregon heads northeast to capture the Jape and her stolen loot, while at the bottom of the picture you can just see the tail of Maxehebel still in El Toro's grasp.

In a brilliant maneuver, the Cursed use Maxehebel's reverse captain ability to dismast the Mezquita and then move out of the Nightmare's way, as the Nightmare promptly boarded the Spaniard and robbed her of 10 gold! This left 11 total gold on the Nightmare and 3 on the Mezquita. However, El Toro approached from behind once again, taking a chunk out of Maxehebel and a mast off the Nightmare. Then Victor de Alva overplayed his hand in a typically melodramatic manner! Swinging on a rope from Toro's biggest claw, he led an S-boarding party with his entire crew! But the evil Wraith was waiting for him aboard the Nightmare, and the Cursed brutally cut down every last Spaniard, leaving the Toro with no human support! (In hindsight, this could be argued to be a Spanish mistake, but they had a boarding advantage and Wraith could have still been face down if it wasn't solitaire, so it wasn't a total bonehead move. It's also a good example of how overpriced, ineffective, and overrated the "+1 to boarding rolls" ability is, for the Spanish essentially had this advantage but lost the boarding attempt 8-5.)

Here, the Nightmare tries to escape even after losing her second mast. Maxehebel and Champ both ram El Toro, and the crab is down to two claws. More importantly, it can't quickly pursue the Nightmare and use its claws at the same time.

The crew of the Santa Lucia suddenly realized they had room for more Cursed loot, and went back to rob their HI again! At the far right, the Oregon has taken the Jape under tow.

This was when the game started to get even more complicated. The Nightmare lost Wraith to a whirlpool (she couldn't afford to lose her final mast or helmsman), while the Santa Lucia loaded up the final Cursed coin from their HI, giving her 5 gold on two coins aboard. The SL still had a cargo space open, and the Nightmare was about to deposit valuable gold. The Spanish knew she had at least a 6 and a 4 aboard, since it was stolen from the Mezquita. This could potentially lead to a standoff, with the Santa Lucia waiting for the Nightmare to unload the gold, but the Nightmare unwilling to since the SL would just steal it and likely get away with her faster speed. With just his head above water, Maxehebel abandoned the fight against El Toro and swam towards a whirlpool to assist the Nightmare and/or try to cut off the Santa Lucia before she could get home. Champ and El Toro were left staring at each other with the derelict but valuable Mezquita nearby.

The Spanish thought about what the Americans would likely do on their turn. El Toro was already touching an island and could explore it and load the last two coins, which the Spanish knew they were only worth 2 gold total. They also knew the Americans didn't know this, and thought they could deke the Americans into keeping El Toro alive for longer, since they would have to bring the Oregon or Jape over to win the gold in a boarding party since Champ didn't have any cargo space. The Spanish realized this could keep the dangerous El Toro alive even longer, and the giant crab had already claimed the lives of both Pirate sea creatures and numerous masts and segments from other ships. The Spanish also saw no downside to this, since the Toro was unlikely to win the battle against Champ, being down 4-2 in firepower with equal "cannon" ranks. There was also no way the Toro could tow the Mezquita home without one or both of them being sunk by Champ. El Toro decided to load the gold. The Americans thought the situation through as well, and decided to kill El Toro because it was such a chore to retrieve the gold (with a regular boarding party from the Oregon, mostly likely), and because keeping El Toro alive could hurt Champ and the Oregon. Finally, the Americans also reasoned that the Oregon could likely tow the Mezquita home for her remaining coin, similar to what they did with the Jape (since the ocean was less crowded and the Cursed and Spanish were already in a tense standoff up north with only a few masts standing for either side). Champ finished off the crab, and El Toro was no more! The Americans breathed a sigh of relief when it looked like the coins involved wouldn't have won or lost them the game, though it was looking tight enough to possibly be the case at this point in the game. (the Spanish loaded the 0 to make it look like the Toro had more gold to deceive the Americans)

The situation up north has been forced by the Nightmare, who broke off the stalemate with the Santa Lucia by sailing southwest towards the one island that still had coins on it. The Spanish, now with just the Santa Lucia remaining in their fleet, decided to save their stolen loot and sailed the SL home (knowing they could turn her around if the Nightmare also turned around). In a surprise twist, Maxehebel has gone through a whirlpool in the east, in the hopes of ramming the Jape to eliminate her 4 coin! However, with just one segment left, he couldn't emerge from the whirlpool within range of the Oregon's guns, leaving him in a bad spot. The Oregon eliminated the chance of any shenanigans by moving straight towards her HI, and the Jape looked to be safe for the moment. However, it was a dual plan by the Cursed, as Maxehebel could now potentially block the Santa Lucia from docking at her HI or simply shadow the sloop and try to prevent further HI raids.

The Nightmare moves within S+S (one move action) range of her HI, ready to dock on her next turn if the SL moves further away, or turn towards the western island if the SL comes back. The newly free Champ nearly throws a wrench into that plan, moving through the whirlpool and hungrily eyeing the Nightmare's helmsman. Maxehebel moves towards the SL, who has no choice but to save her 5 gold and moves towards home (or face being surrounded by the Nightmare and Maxehebel caught in between the HI's). The Oregon docks home with the Jape, who unloads her 4 gold and immediately starts repairing. This puts the Americans in the lead with 8 gold; the Spanish with 4 and the Cursed actually with 0.

The Nightmare finally docks home her gold, with most of it stolen from the Mezquita! This gives the Cursed a brief lead with 11 gold, and the Americans are quickly in last after the Santa Lucia bumps the Spanish total to 9 gold (11-9-8 ). The SL scoots past Maxehebel, careful to stay out of ramming or shooting distance. The Spanish know they can't save the Mezquita against the now-mighty Americans, but they can hope to get some of their stolen gold back from the Cursed. Indeed, in this picture the Americans have 3 relatively healthy ships for 10 total masts against 4 masts remaining in the other two fleets combined. In the west, Champ has taken up station to guard that final wild island, while the Oregon hurries to capture the Mezquita.

At this point, the Cursed have 11 gold but know the Americans and Spanish might have more (especially the Spanish since they had 6 total coins against 3 for the Cursed). The Nightmare must risk another gold run to guarantee victory, and might be able to evade Champ at the western island. The Cursed have some problems in their plan, with Maxehebel too slow and weakened to provide adequate HI defense against the raiding Santa Lucia. However, the Nightmare can't hang around until Maxehebel returns, since the Jape is fully repaired and sailing to a whirlpool to get the gold on the western island. Therefore, there is no time to waste and the Nightmare sails again! Sure enough, the SL saw a chance to raid and comes through the northwestern whirlpool to attempt it. The Oregon has begun towing the Mezquita, and the Americans now have 4 ships in their fleet, more than they started with! The Jape lost her crew to Champ, but is still a formidable ship at this stage of the game and the Nightmare would very much like to avoid confronting her in the west.

Knowing the western island has just 6 total gold on it (3,2,1 for the coins from when the Nosso Lar explored early in the game), the Nightmare pursues the SL after she re-steals the 6 from the Cursed HI. Unfortunately Maxehebel is likely a non-factor at this point, but he's had a good game. In a break for the Cursed, the Santa Lucia rolled badly while whirlpooling, and was forced to lose her helmsman! (rather than the coin or her lone mast, her oarsman having died earlier in the game) Champ is still guarding the western island, and is rewarded when the Jape appears through a whirlpool. The Oregon docks home the Mezquita for her 3 coin, and the Americans lead once more (11-9-5, 5 gold for the Cursed currently).

The Spanish had to hope for a miracle, but they didn't get it. The Nightmare would have to roll a 1 on the ram and lose the boarding party for the SL to dock home her 6 successfully. The Spanish were officially out of the game! In a bizarre turn of events, the Americans have gone from having almost no ships (when the Aaron Burr and Oregon were damaged by reefs and nearly both sunk by the Jape) to having an empire of sorts, with ships to throw at every opportunity they see! The Oregon goes out for yet another mission, this time her first designated combat mission.

The Jape is about to explore the western island, while Champ looks to kill Maxehebel for fun, or block the Cursed HI if the Nightmare somehow escapes the Oregon. The barely-seaworthy Mezquita sails with one mast, looking to join the fray somehow! At this point, the Americans could say they were "playing with house money" in Pirates form... the endgame was extremely tactical and strategic, but the Americans just so happened to dominate the final few turns of the final phase of this game.

Maxehebel was eliminated, leaving the Nightmare desperate for some kind of miraculous boarding party and escape route. She nearly succeeded despite the Mezquita blocking her and the Oregon sailing off with the 6 coin that originally belonged to the Mezquita when she was in Spanish possession. Champ arrives on the scene for support, while the Jape arrives via whirlpool as well, with 6 gold aboard. After most of the game was played over many different areas, it fittingly came down to just a small area with all 5 remaining ships in one spot.

The USS Oregon, of all ships, is the MVS (Most Valuable Ship) of the OE 10th anniversary game! She survived a reef placed by Lost, an attack by the Jape, and an attack by the Nightmare. She captured two ships and essentially brought back 17 gold! The Jape also docked before Champ finished off the Nightmare, giving the Americans 23 total gold. The Spanish were second with 9, the Cursed third with 5. The Pirates of course had 0.

This was an amazing game and a fantastic celebration of the Ocean's Edge set for the 10th anniversary of its release! Despite the many lackluster ships used, it turned out to be one of the best games in recent memory and a cool example of parity within a set, using a handful of relatively equal game pieces instead of the typical OP ones (Zeus, HMS GT, Pirate named crew, etc). I was glad that Lost didn't completely wreck the game, since the faction most hurt by it went on to win. Indeed, the Americans had a cool underdog story in this game. The Spanish and Pirates were almost like the antagonists for me, with the Pirates simply menacing everybody and the Spanish dominating the early game with healthy ships and the huge presence of El Toro. The Cursed actually felt like the good guys, losing a ship early, somehow taking gold from the Spanish and getting into the lead, but only to be stretched thin later on before falling to repeated HI raids and the emergence of American firepower. Champ somehow didn't lose a segment all game long, while the other 4 sea creatures were eliminated. The Nosso Lar and Aaron Burr didn't get a chance to prove themselves, but it's safe to say that the Oregon, Nightmare, Santa Lucia, and Toro all outperformed what players might normally expect from them. I loved how much of an effect the whirlpools had on the game, but I was a little disappointed to see Protection from Davy Jones sunk so early on. There were definitely a few game-changing moments, such as the failed swoop attack on the Toro and the Toro's failed S-board against the Nightmare and Wraith (among others). Of course, neither of these involved the winning fleet, so it was a very even game that seemed like a very fair outcome for all sides. Hooray for Ocean's Edge!

Additional Comment:


A quick 50 point game between these two fleets. There would be no damage due to ramming.


The Fool's Hope, one of my favorite ships for aesthetics and intimidation factor.

The allied fleet was in a very close formation early:

Both of the smaller Pirate ships were heading for the middle island, but the Nox cut them off! The Congress also approached the Ningpo, but the allies went a predictable 1/6 in a dismal attack.

A tale of two ships: the Ningpo utterly fails against the Congress, but the Fool's Hope makes up for it by going 4/5 against the Nox and setting the Frenchman ablaze! The Plague of the East docks home to repair, letting the captained Pirate ships do the damage.

With one salvo, the beautiful Nox is ravaged within minutes of the game's start.

As the Nox burns to the waterline, the remaining allied ships break off the engagement. However, the Fool's Hope aggressively pursues them and the Ningpo takes extra-long-range shots at the Congress.

Hawkins (did he steal another of Blackheart's ships?) sailed too far, allowing the Montenez and Congress to blast his ship apart!

The Congress carries an impressive broadside, but now her crew must tend to a dangerous fire on the main deck.

The Fool's Hope also won a boarding party to take out the Montenez's captain, but the Ningpo was ineffective once again.

The allies have a decisively fantastic turn! The Montenez hits twice to dismast the Fool's Hope, while the Congress dismasts the Ningpo despite her fire spreading.

The allies capture the Fool's Hope, while the Plague of the East arrives on the scene to tow the Ningpo and attempt to block the Montenez, now moving at S speed.

The Plague of the East misses a shot, and the Montenez may be able to slip by!

As the Plague of the East trained all of her cannons on the Montenez, I realized that the Montenez should have been missing a mast after the FH's boarding party, since Hawkins' ability would have killed the captain via pinning and the FH's ability would have eliminated a mast via boarding (meaning the FH wouldn't have been dismasted). As a result the PotE got an extra shot, but couldn't hit worth gunpowder anyway. The Congress arrived to sink the Ningpo and dismast the Plague of the East.

The Americans had won a combat-heavy victory, though it was slightly marred by the rules gaffe. However, it's likely the repaired Congress would have been able to defeat the Pirates anyway. It was a bit odd to see no islands explored, but the setup and HI placement (along with 5/6 ships having captains) was a factor in that. The fleets definitely missed out on some interesting coins, including two 5's, a 7, and a 0.

Additional Comment:


Just played 2 games on VASSAL with pirateaj14!

The first game was at 45 points, and featured these fleets.

Large Fry - Spanish Swarm (due to the higher build total I swapped in a regular captain and put an explorer on the Morning Star)

[card="80828"]Enterprise[/card] + captain
[card="80805"]La Vengeance[/card] + captain
[card="80799"]La Monarca[/card]

5 wild islands with 4 coins each:

The San Cristobal managed to get the first shot against the Enterprise, dismasting her after a brief battle. Though, she was lucky that the Enterprise didn't get an extra action on the allies' turn. The Vengeance has set upon the Neptuno, but fares poorly. This game featured above-average luck for me, as I rolled to go first and experienced accurate gunnery with the San Cristobal's average cannons.

The Vengeance hit 3/3 to take the Neptuno down to one mast, but with the help of the SC, the Spanish teamed up to dismast the Vengeance. Both her and the Enterprise were captured, leaving the allies with just La Monarca.

In the end the Spanish won 47-30!

Game 2

[card="111571"]USS Kettering[/card] + captain
[card="134630"]HMS Apollo[/card] + captain
[card="80761"]Bloody Jewel[/card]

[card="134687"]Cyclops[/card] + captain, fire shot
[card="98831"]Dark Pact[/card] + [card="95678"]El Fantasma[/card] + helmsman
[card="98839"]Nightmare[/card] + fire shot

This was a somewhat unique 41 point game, to accommodate the extra stuff we wanted in our fleets. (the treasure distribution was the same but with different coins)

The allied gunships were content to run gold, so the Cyclops had an easy escort duty protecting the Dark Pact.


This is where things got interesting - all 4 larger ships meet near the middle, with El Fantasma looking to use a ghostly surprise and somehow evade the powerful gunships in the opposing fleet. The Kettering's canceller and the Cyclops as a potential sacrificial/blocking ship loomed large.

The Kettering hits the Cyclops, but the Cyclops returns the favor by hitting with fire shot! The longship is set aflame while the Dark Pact uses Ghost Ship (a tiny bit lol, tough to maneuver at S+S speed) to make a break around the quiet northern side of the island.

The Kettering and Apollo dismast the Cyclops, but that lets the Nightmare get her 2L cannon in range of the Apollo. However, her fire shot misses.

In a small miracle, the Kettering's fire spread, she missed her shots against the Nightmare, and the Nightmare set her final mast aflame before sinking her for good! The Cyclops also sank, but the Dark Pact gave the Cursed hope - she made it to the allied home island!

The Dark Pact grabbed a coin with El Fantasma before being blasted by the Bloody Jewel and Apollo. The Ghost Ship keyword came in handy here, giving the Dark Pact a better chance at survival than if she had simply turned around. (she went through the allied home island)

Here we ruled that the Bloody Jewel could shoot at the Dark Pact because she had a clear line of fire between the two islands that made up the larger allied HI. The Apollo later dismasted the Dark Pact to end the game!

The gold was counted and the allies had won a 29-23 victory! (32-23 if the Dark Pact and her stolen coin was recaptured) The Cursed nearly pulled off an upset, but their slow speeds and English gunnery made it impossible. This was also the first games where I've used the snipping tool to take pictures rather than just using the picture function within the module (taking screenshots rather than editing pictures of the whole ocean). It definitely saved time and is very useful for anyone who looks to take pictures on VASSAL in the future.

This was a fun day of piracy that saw a new player on VASSAL. Welcome him into the community and we hope to play again soon! Join us on VASSAL!

Additional Comment:


Played another game with pirateaj14, this time at 60 points.

[card="132312"]San Cristobal[/card] + captain, helmsman
[card="117060"]La Resolucion[/card] + captain, helmsman
[card="95583"]El Alquimista[/card]
[card="80799"]La Monarca[/card] + explorer

I used an English Caribbean fleet to celebrate the new movie coming out in a few weeks!

[card="126552"]HMS Dauntless[/card] + captain, helmsman, [card="126616"]Murtog[/card]
[card="123284"]HMS Interceptor[/card] + [card="123528"]Admiral James Norrington[/card] + helmsman
[card="126573"]Edinburgh Trader[/card] + helmsman


The SC lost three masts to a reef, while the Dauntless prepared to shield the Interceptor from the oncoming Spaniards.

Much gold was loaded, with the Edinburgh Trader finding Holy Water and Rum, providing an eclectic concoction for her helmsman to consume...

The San Cristobal was unsuccessful in her assault on the Dauntless, who promptly sank her.

The Resolucion outdueled the Dauntless, prompting the Englishman to flee into a fog bank. The crew of the Edinburgh Trader sobered up for the journey home, where they were passed by Norrington in his speedy Interceptor. The Alquimista and Monarca have unloaded gold for the Spanish.

I noticed how much gold was left in play, and decided to send the Dauntless back into action. However, she was ineffective against the Resolucion and Murtog sadly died in the fiasco. The Edinburgh Trader unloaded some nice coins, while the Interceptor had no choice but to enter a fog bank on her way east.

The Interceptor intercepted the Monarca and sank her! Soon afterwards, pirateaj14 had to leave, so we counted gold. The initial count was 33-32 in favor of the Spaniards! However, there were two caveats. The real score was 35-32 because the Alquimista would have given the Spanish 2 more gold with her ability. In addition, there was some gold left in play (a 6 and a 2), which likely would have been English by the end of the game. Therefore, a win with an asterisk for the Spanish, but a win nonetheless!
Check out my fansite at Pirates with Ben!

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This was a special game to celebrate the 5th (and possibly final) Pirates of the Caribbean movie being released this week, Dead Men Tell No Tales. It's a PotC tribute game, with tons of ships and characters from all 4 movies represented. Video of game (not recommended, I'm looking forward to better productions in the future hopefully. Still, a necessary first try at it!)

Here are the participants. They each have special victory conditions, as they're fighting for separate goals. This makes it a tiny bit like an RPG (role playing game), and should make for an interesting experience. (crew abilities found here)

HMS Endeavour + Lord Cutler Beckett, Mercer
HMS Dauntless + Admiral James Norrington, Governor Weatherby Swann
HMS Interceptor + Mullroy, Murtog
Edinburgh Trader

At 86 total points, the English fleet is out for pirate blood. They will not stop until all pirates have been defeated.
Goal to achieve victory: Eliminate all Pirate ships and crew.

Captain Jack Sparrow:
Black Pearl + Captain Jack Sparrow, Joshamee Gibbs, Cotton, Marty, Pintel and Ragetti

Somehow the crew fit into the point and cargo limits of the ship due to the links! Jack is up to his usual tricks - staying alive by whatever means necessary. He's got his full crew aboard to help him, which should make the Pearl a force to be reckoned with.
Goal to achieve victory: Be alive at the end of the game.

Davy Jones' Cursed:
Flying Dutchman + Captain Davy Jones, Bootstrap Bill Turner, Jimmy Legs, Palafico
The Kraken

Davy Jones is out for more souls, with Jack Sparrow in particular on his hit list. However, he has a target on his back, and wants to live forever. This fleet functions as part of the Cursed faction.
Goal to achieve victory: Be alive at the end of the game. (bonus points for capturing as many enemy crew as possible, and for keeping enemies from finding the chest OR its key)

Hector Barbossa:
Hai Peng + Captain Barbossa, Cursed Crew 1, Cursed Crew 2

Barbossa is wise, and has a lot on his mind. He'd love to get the Pearl back from Jack, but avoiding the English and Davy Jones while doing so will be difficult.
Goal to achieve victory: Capture the Black Pearl. (bonus points for staying alive)

Queen Anne's Revenge + Blackbeard

Blackbeard is the odd one out here, as the only standout from On Stranger Tides. However, his historical record speaks for itself.
Goal to achieve victory: Survive, eliminate other Pirate rivals (especially Jack and Barbossa), and end up with the most gold whether through coins or captured crew. (his ability lets you unload captured crew for gold worth their point cost)

Jolly Mon + Anamaria (obviously illegal due to her point cost, but I'm also negating the Jolly Mon's ability because she would weigh less than Jack, especially with all his gear lol)

Anamaria is still annoyed with Jack for not having gotten her ship back. She had to pay for the Jolly Mon to be raised from the bottom of Port Royal, and now demands payment AND another ship from Jack.
Goal to achieve victory: Receive gold AND a captured ship from Jack Sparrow. (can be any amount of gold and any ship in play, with bonus points for HMS Interceptor)

The Brethren Court:
Empress + Captain Sao Feng, Lian and Park, Tia Dalma
Ranger + Gentleman Jocard
Centurion + Captain Villanueva
Seref + Ammand the Corsair
Fancy + Capitaine Chevalle
Otter + Sri Sumbhajee
Ningpo + Mistress Ching

At 101 points, the Brethren Court's fleet is the only thing capable of directly standing up to the Royal Navy in the Caribbean. Sao Feng has gotten the real Calypso aboard his ship, and intends to release her to combat both Davy Jones, the Royal Navy, and possibly Blackbeard as well. To do this they must get Ragetti's wooden eyeball (Barbossa's piece of eight) and Jack's piece of eight, both of which start the game on the Black Pearl (though they may not realize this).
Goal to achieve victory: Release Calypso, defeat the Royal Navy, and be the last fleet standing.

It's possible that more than one participant will achieve victory, at which point various tiebreakers may be used.

Now onto the house rules and other variables (forgot to use a few others I originally planned on):
-Wind rules
-The Flying Dutchman can submerge. When submerged she follows the rules for submarines, except that she gets +L to her base move and cannot ram.
-Will and Elizabeth Turner will be in the Port Royal jail to start the game. This is where the Royal Navy will sail from. By docking at the port and being given an explore action, any Pirates (not the English or Cursed) can free them and use them if desired.
-Some crew have multiple versions; if that crew is on a ship, either version can be used on that turn.
-The undamaged Empress is standing in for the damaged version, which is the version I'm using stats for.
-Any UT's can be loaded face down. No UT's take up cargo space.

Custom UT rules:
Jack's Compass: Lets you look at all face down treasures on islands and ships. (points to thing you want most)
Dead Man's Chest and Davy Jones' Key: If both are on the same ship, you can either kill Davy Jones outright or command the Flying Dutchman and the Kraken. (the latter of which could make you a huge target)
Curse of the Black Spot: Automatically makes this ship a target of the Kraken. (target changes if the Kraken already had a target)
Aztec Medallion: This ship's crew cannot be eliminated.
Letter of Marque: English ships cannot attack this ship in any way.

Here is the setup. Port Royal is at the upper left, which is the northwest corner of the map. Isla de Muerta is at the top, and you can see that the Black Pearl is starting the game inside a fog bank nearby. Blackbeard has entered the area from the northeast, while Shipwreck Cove holds the Brethren Court's fleet in the far east. Barbossa has emerged in the southeast. That small island near the center represents Isla Cruces, and Davy Jones and his Kraken are to the south of it. The big sandbar represents the one from At World's End in the "Parlay" scene. Anamaria is on the Jolly Mon in the southwest.

The English, with the Dauntless anchored in a position similar to the outset of Curse of the Black Pearl. Three 4L and two 4S cannons occupy the fort, which fire in fixed lines of sight (no rotating their line of fire like normal cannons). The Turner couple is in jail.

Scenes from...
The Curse of the Black Pearl:

Dead Man's Chest:

At World's End:




World's End! Ocean's Edge! This game actually features a waterfall cliff.

A few turns in, and the Interceptor has explored the Sandbar, with Cannibals killing Murtog.

This looks familiar...

... ironically enough, Jack Sparrow has gotten the Curse of the Black Spot! The Kraken is after him! He also picks up Rum (which his whole gets drunk on), a Spyglass, and the key to Davy Jones' chest. (NOT just a drawring of a key!)

Blackbeard aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge has found both Plunder and Smuggled Goods, which will be worth 6 gold combined if he can unload them.

The Edinburgh Trader is the only English ship not to venture into southern waters, but the Flying Dutchman lurks underwater nearby. Barbossa is after the Black Pearl, and would rather not use his Jailhouse Dog to eliminate Jack's Black Spot, hoping the Kraken can damage the Pearl but leave her intact so Barbossa can capture it.

However, the Brethren Court have other plans, which include taking Barbossa's and Jack's pieces of eight to release Calypso!

Barbossa tried to tell Sao Feng that his piece of eight was Ragetti's wooden eyeball, currently aboard the Black Pearl with Jack. But Sao Feng didn't trust him! The Empress gets the weather gauge and rams the Hai Peng! However, Sao Feng's boarding party is repulsed, with Park taking the hit. The Centurion also rammed, taking out one of Barbossa's cursed crew. Unfortunately Captain Villanueva, one of the Pirate Lords, died in the ensuing boarding chaos. This made Sao Feng come to his senses, and he agreed to not attack the Hai Peng any longer as long as Barbossa was telling the truth. (as a side note, Sao Feng has collected the pieces of eight from the 7 Pirate Lords in his fleet, so he need be the only one alive to release Calypso if he acquired all 9 pieces)

I forgot to take pictures for a while. The Black Pearl used her great speed and some occasional wind gusts to avoid the Kraken and Flying Dutchman. Jack decided to rescue Will and Elizabeth from the Port Royal jail, with no English threats guarding the harbor. However, this put him into a corner, surrounded by Port Royal on one side and Davy Jones and his pet on the other! Jack temporarily accepted his fate, letting the Kraken engulf the Pearl. He planned to fight his way out since he couldn't run any longer.

Barbossa, Blackbeard, and the Brethren Court head northwest to seek out Jack and the Black Pearl, who were starting a brutal fight against the Kraken! The Seref was attacked earlier in the game by the Dauntless, and here she is being escorted by the Otter back to Shipwreck Cove where she can repair. Unbeknownst to the Brethren, Blackbeard deposited his stash of Plunder and Smuggled Goods in part of the town of Shipwreck, netting him 6 gold. Tia Dalma's canceller ability halted the Dauntless and Admiral Norrington, so the English have sailed back south. Anamaria was headed to Port Royal to pick up Will and Elizabeth for their assistance, but strong and constantly shifting winds made her journey difficult. By the time she had nearly reached the harbor in this picture, Jack already had them aboard the Pearl.

This looks familiar! Ever the savvy pirate, Jack intentionally let the Kraken take the Black Pearl near Port Royal, who had a cannon in range of the beast.

Devastation: after a fierce fight, the Black Pearl is gone. The Kraken is mortally wounded and has taken damage from the Empress, who used Tia Dalma to cancel the Kraken keyword. All hell has broken loose, as the Royal Navy contingent engages the Brethren Court. Blackbeard has left the scene to pursue Barbossa and the vulnerable Otter with Sumbhajee aboard. However, Barbossa is using the Hai Peng's speed to full advantage, racing towards the ocean's edge/world's end. Anamaria spots him and looks to join, eager to do anything but join the melee up north.


With a timely AA from Beckett, the Royal Navy unleashes English gunnery! The Fancy, Ningpo, and Centurion are quickly dismasted, leaving the Ranger with no support. Even the Interceptor and Edinburgh Trader are available, having no better things to do.


In another unintentional irony, Barbossa steers the Hai Peng off the edge of the world and over the waterfall! Anamaria follows him in desperation on the Jolly Mon!

In the chaotic aftermath of the main battle, the Royal Navy continues to reign supreme. The Flying Dutchman finally was able to get at Sao Feng in the Empress, which sank. Davy Jones then turned his attention to the Dauntless, with Jimmy Legs saccing Lian to provide a move+shoot. It went horribly, and the Dauntless took advantage by blasting off 3 of the FD's masts. The severely weakened Kraken has surrounded the Edinburgh Trader (again), but the Endeavour and Interceptor are healthy, the latter having captured the Ranger and Gentleman Jocard for the fun of it.

Here's a cool sea-level view near a rocky outcropping, showing the Kraken in a familiar place and the Dutchman's gunports. Especially with the Endeavour looming, you can tell the battle is going in favor of the English.

After a turn in Davy Jones' Locker, Barbossa has succeeded in rescuing Jack and his motley crew from the depths!!

Here is the Black Pearl setup with everyone on board!

The English were able to kill the Kraken and capture the Flying Dutchman.

Knowing they must team up with each other to stand a chance against the Royal Navy, the Pirates band together and fight! A shift in the wind gives the English the weather gauge! The Black Pearl is quickly dismasted, while Blackbeard's ship loses two masts. The partially repaired Seref arrives on the scene, but the Otter has already been dismasted. The Edinburgh Trader engages the Empress.


Despite the QAR sinking and having just two ships left, the Pirates put up a good fight.

In the end the Royal Navy emerges victorious, having accomplished their goal of ridding the Caribbean of piracy!

The English definitely benefited from being out of the action during the middle of the game, and basically all the pirates wanted something from Jack, which led to infighting. The themed strategies were fun to watch play out.

This was a fun game that showcased a ton of aspects from Pirates of the Caribbean. I hope you enjoyed reading about it, and I hope my videos will improve over time. I also recorded my first few videos for Instagram, where you can hear the background music I had on and even glimpse a few moments that the pictures don't show.

Additional Comment:


Taught two relatives how to play today! It was a very simple 20 point introductory game using the simple rules. Didn't have my camera or phone with me but here's a quick summary:

I went first with the Templar and Lucy's Luck, followed by a player with the Enfant Terrible and Felicite. The other player fielded the Lord Cauldwell and Scorpion. The Lucy's Luck and Scorpion were able to bring home 3 coins apiece in their first trips. The Templar shot 2/2 to dismast the Felicite, who was later towed home by the Enfant Terrible, but not before the Templar stole 2 of her 3 coins. Those coins were fought over for the rest of the game, with lots of ramming and boarding between the Lord Cauldwell, Templar, Scorpion, and Enfant. In the end, I tied with the LC/Scorpion player with 13 gold apiece (they won the masts remaining tiebreaker), while the French had 4.

Additional Comment:


Just played a game with Karan R in India!

In their first game of Pirates, Karan went first with Barbary Untouchables V 2.0.

I followed with:
Augusta + captain, helmsman
Iberia + captain, helmsman
Angel de Guarda

After a turn and a half, the Corsairs stick together while the Augusta prepares an island for the Angel.

The Angel, Iberia, and Tiger's Eye all grabbed gold, while the Augusta and Nubian Prince eyed each other near the Iberia.

The Augusta blocked the Nubian Prince to ensure the Iberia got home safely, and both fleets unloaded considerable hauls of gold. The NP dumped a crew to make room for a coin, while the Augusta sped off to intercept the Tiger's Eye.

The gunships of each fleet started attacking the gold runners! The Iberia was dismasted, soon followed by the Tiger's Eye and Angel.

The Augusta sank the Tiger's Eye while the Nubian Prince sank the Angel and Iberia, leaving just the two gunships. The Augusta knew she couldn't win a fight with her S range guns against the NP's ability, and decided to drop both crew and load coins from the southeastern island.

A chase ensued, where the NP caught the Augusta and sunk her! Divers was flipped by the Corsairs to receive both coins (using standard treasure rules unlike in most of my other games).

1. Barbary Corsairs: 16 gold
2. Spanish: 13 gold

Karan R has their first victory in Pirates CSG, and another player has been introduced to the module! Also, another country is added to the list of locations where people have played Pirates remotely! (joining England, Spain, and Singapore, likely among others in the past)

Additional Comment:


Just played a quick 30 point game with repkosai.

He went first:
[card="87736"]Concord[/card] + captain
[card="80840"]Philadelphia[/card] + helmsman

My SM-only old school Pirate fleet:
[card="75813"]Shadow[/card] + captain, helmsman
[card="75736"]El Ballista[/card] + captain


I used the Ballista as a suicide attack ship, similar to how I've seen her described before. The Concord and Philadelphia broke from the wild island and sailed away. The Ballista caught the Concord and hit once in three tries.

The Concord and Philadelphia turned to fight, but the Ballista was already charging forward once more! She mashed masts off of both ships before losing one of her own to the Concord's accurate cannons. The Philadelphia rammed the Ballista to give her the Plague, which eliminated her captain. By this point the Shadow had unloaded an island worth of gold, and the Ballista was able to finish off the Americans. The Pirates of 2004 had won a 5-0 victory!

This was a very short and simple game, but it was repkosai's first game on VASSAL and we hope to play more soon!


Played another game on VASSAL with repkosai! You can check out the video if you'd like.

I went first with a recent fleet of mine. To fill out the last 5 points I added the [card="126585"]Paradox[/card] with an explorer.

Repkosai followed with a Spanish fleet:
[card="75735"]El Acorazado[/card] + captain
[card="136955"]Morning Star[/card] + [card="75719"]Capitan Alarico Castro[/card], helmsman
[card="75744"]El Leon[/card] + captain

The setup featured 6 wild islands with 3 coins apiece, and flat earth rules.

Calypso was successful on the first turn, and the Paradox used a trade current to reach the first whirlpool and pop out of the second near the southwestern wild island. The Akua Lapu didn't want to risk a lot of masts or crew via whirlpools, and needed to wait in order to use Grim's ability, so she wasn't in a hurry to do anything for the first part of the game. I must admit that the 5 extra points helped, since it allowed me to have a dedicated gold runner. The Paradox is very slow without a helmsman, but between trade currents and the whirlpools being placed close to wild islands, she wouldn't need a lot of speed to move all over the map.

The Spanish set out, and the Paradox has an eventful trip already. She found an abandoned helmsman in the south, but also [card="132271"]Barrel o' Monkeys[/card] and a 6 coin. The monkeys took the 6 for themselves, which left the Paradox with no gold. Thus, she used another of Calypso's whirlpools to emerge near another wild island, losing a mast in the process.

Risking negative UT's, the bored Akua Lapu looks to explore in the northeast. The Paradox gets 3 coins from an island but one will be left behind due to the greedy monkeys.

Here, the Morning Star has emptied an island for the Spanish, while their gunships head northwest towards the Pirates. The Paradox unloads, while the Akua Lapu loads up 3 coins.

The AL gets the SAT from Calico Cat, allowing the AL to dock home for a Pirate windfall! You can see the strange situation around the Pirate HI, with two sargasso seas, a bunch of whirlpools, and a few trade currents, all near a corner of the map.

Much excitement! After some rules issues, the Paradox is forced south from using some faulty [card="95628"]Bad Maps[/card]! However, the Spanish weren't completely fortunate: Calypso finally rolled to place another whirlpool, and luckily for me Calico Cat also rolled successfully. The Akua Lapu took off for the Spanish home island!

Grim the Savage led a raiding party, and the Pirates took all of the Spanish loot!! The gimmick was complete, though the AL still had to make it home in one piece and unload the gold. Speaking of unloading gold, the Paradox did just that, further increasing the Spanish treasure deficit. At this point everything in my fleet was working perfectly, as even the slow Paradox was turned into an awesome gold runner between the whirlpools and her explorer.

Calypso placed another whirlpool, allowing the AL to scoot around the fog bank and be whisked back to friendly waters. The Morning Star unloaded another island worth of gold, and the Leon was approaching the Pirate home island and managed to hit the AL.

Another windfall! The Akua Lapu docks home the stolen gold, and the game was turning into a blowout. I decided I had enough whirlpools and trade currents to execute any late-game strategies and maneuvers I might need, so the Coeur and Banshee's Cry got to do some sight-seeing.

However, the Morning Star would have none of it! She rammed the Coeur out of action and stole the 6 that the monkeys had originally stolen from the Paradox. The Leon arrived through a whirlpool, but the attack naturally triggered a Pirate response, with the Paradox and Akua Lapu arriving shortly thereafter. In hindsight, the AL could have just raided the unprotected Spanish home island a second time, but instead there was some fun combat.

Disaster for the Spanish! The Leon sank the Coeur, but the Morning Star boarded the Paradox (when she had 3 masts remaining after the AL shot off 2 of them) and lost the 6 coin! The Paradox took full advantage, speeding away through the whirlpool. The AL got another SAT from Cat and blasted two masts off the MS before turning east in anticipation of another HI raid!

The MS and Leon exchange crew so the Leon has Castro, captain, and helmsman. The Paradox docks home the 6 coin she originally found on the second turn, while the Banshee's Cry prepared to sacrifice herself to defend the AL.

Race for the Spanish home island! The Leon gets an SAT from Castro, but now the Paradox is ready to assist the AL too.

The AL raided the Spanish home island of the last two coins in the game, but Castro got an SAT to allow the Leon to shoot twice. Furthering Spanish woes, both shots missed, which allowed the AL to escape via whirlpool after yet another SAT from Cat. The Pirates had escaped, and more gold was unloaded to end the game!

In a huge blowout, the Pirates defeat the Spanish 55-0! This is one of the only games I've ever played where a fleet gets every single coin in the treasure distribution. No gold was sunk, and the Pirates collected and stole the rest for a massive victory. This game made me want to use Calypso more, and it's also one of the best gimmick games/fleets I've seen.

We both learned a lot from this game: I learned how effective Calypso can be by not always needing helmsmen on slower gold runners, as the Paradox was just as valuable a ship as the Akua Lapu. Repkosai learned the opposite - speed wins games, as the Acorazado was way too slow to have any impact on the game. We also learned some rules situations; though I was surprised by the answers and we played them wrong, it wouldn't have affected the final outcome since the Pirates were so dominant in this game. Thanks for reading! More adventures await!

Additional Comment:


Just played a game with Repkosai on the 4th of July! Check out the video of the game, which was live streamed on YouTube complete with thematic music! Repkosai wanted to be the Americans, so I played the English/British and rolled to go first:

[card="80784"]HMS Algiers[/card] + [card="132262"]Hermione Gold[/card], firepot specialist, oarsman
[card="80787"]HMS Frolic[/card] + oarsman
[card="80788"]HMS Greyhound[/card] + captain
[card="80790"]Lt. Nigel Hardwicke[/card]

[card="87736"]Concord[/card] + [card="87743"]Commodore Edward Preble[/card], captain
[card="80829"]Freedom[/card] + [card="117209"]Master CPO Charles Richard[/card]
[card="117092"]USS Plymouth Rock[/card]

The Algiers got an extra action (EA) on her first turn, and I promptly decided to try a strategy I haven't used very often. The firepot specialist and oarsman were left at the English home island, allowing the Algiers to load up Hardwicke the marine and drop him off at the center wild island! Hardwicke, especially with his hatred of the Americans, was to deter the colonists from getting gold from "his" island. In the meantime, the Greyhound decided to escort the Frolic to the northeastern island, which looked like it was going to be hotly contested after Preble gave the Plymouth Rock an AA (Admiral's Action) to approach it.

The Algiers quickly sails back home to pick up her other crew, while it appears that both early-game wild islands will be fought over. (whether through naval battles and/or amphibious operations!)

The English take the initiative and fire upon the Americans! Hardwicke misses, but the Greyhound maneuvers well enough to score a hit on the Plymouth Rock, dealing a blow to the US gold cause. The Freedom and Concord will now have a free pass at the exposed English marine, but the Algiers has picked up her full crew complement and is lurking nearby....

A closeup of the action at the northeastern wild island, with English gunnery prevailing.

The Freedom approached the wild island and easily eliminated Hardwicke! However, my luck was far better than usual, as the Algiers received an EA. Not only that, I revealed my firepot specialist and hit 3 times out of 4 to cripple the Freedom!

The Greyhound captures the Plymouth Rock, as part of another plan I hatched....

The superior speed of the Algiers proves effective, as the English are able to set another American gunship on fire! With the Freedom's final mast succumbing to the flames, the Plymouth Rock captured, and now the Concord also aflame, the Americans are in deep trouble.

But just as the American music turned to a more upbeat march, the Americans fought back hard! The Concord's crew watched the Freedom burn to the waterline and were determined not to suffer the same fate! Simultaneously fighting fires and firing their cannons, they plowed the schooner into the dreaded Algiers. With a successful shoot, ram, and board, Repkosai's Americans went 3 for 3 to dismast the Algiers and eliminate her oarsman! (in hindsight I should have eliminated the firepot specialist) The English had lost their primary gunship, but another plan had come to fruition: after the Frolic docked home her gold, the English built Ramsgate in the northeast! My plan was to establish a second base of operations while also letting the captured Plymouth Rock repair so the Greyhound wouldn't have to tow her home at just S speed.

Alas, it was too late. The Concord's crew were exhausted from the dual fight against the flames and the Algiers, and the ship was lost to fire. In a surprisingly short game, the English had won an exciting victory! (final score was technically 12-0, with 3 gold on the English HI and 9 total in the fort)

We discussed afterwards that although Repkosai seemed to have better fleet construction (my fleet had just 5 total masts along with an expensive and ineffective Marine), I had almost all the luck. Rolling to go first was just the start, as the Algiers rolled for a couple of well-timed EA's and my cannons hit something like 6/7, which is nearly unheard of for me. Despite the shortness of it, we had fun and look forward to more soon! Hope you had a great 4th of July!

Additional Comment:


Here's a 60 point game that was played between myself and wantkrakens, which was live streamed on my YouTube channel.

He went first with a mixed fleet:
[card="111443"]Naegling[/card] + captain
[card="95516"]Grand Wind[/card] + helmsman
[card="117083"]USS Constitution[/card]

I followed with on of my favorite fleets I've created, Triple Pirate Barrage.

The setup featured some terrain, including an island surrounded by reefs.

The Greed's Hammer used Coconut the monkey to avoid rolling badly on the reefs, while the Grand Wind and Madagascar looked for gold elsewhere. The Accused got the first shot against the Constitution, sinking her after a brief battle with the help of her firepot specialist.

The Naegling went 1/2 to knock a mast off the Accused, who hurried home for repairs. The GH docked home gold while the GW and Madagascar loaded some of their own.

The game tilts in favor of the Pirates! The Naegling lurks too close to the Pirate HI, and the Accused punishes her with a furious and fiery broadside that dooms the longship.

The Greed's Hammer lost a mast to a reef on her second gold trip, but it would have been two masts if not for another of Coconut's successful rerolls. On her way back home, the GH helped the Accused to fight the Grand Wind, who didn't stand much of a chance against the accurate Pirate gunships.

The Grand Wind was sunk and the game ended with a 35-10 Pirate victory! This game further proved the effectiveness of crew, as my crew setups were far superior to the mast advantage (14-9) that wantkrakens had. Speed also played a big role, which isn't surprising. It was great to see wantkrakens (krakens on VASSAL) on the module again, and we hope to play again soon!

Additional Comment:


Played my second VASSAL game of the day, this time with pirateaj14, which was also live streamed on my Youtube channel.

I rolled to go first with my Clones of the Barbary Coast fleet, and pirateaj14 followed with captain_vendari's Jacks-of-All-Trades fleet.

My Corsair fleet swarms toward the archipelago of 7 islands, each brimming with 4 coins of precious loot!

The Morocco uses her ability to scout the center island for the Agha's Whip, looking for the dreaded Blood Money. Expecting the UT, I purposely put all 6's for my standard coins to help avoid the effect since the Corsairs were only using low-value crew. I swapped in a firepot specialist for Divers and Raft, since I try to play with no events unless it's for a tournament like T2. The Gallows was going to escort the Morocco to the southern island.

Seeing Relics on the center island, the Queen of Sheba decided to not escort the Agha's Whip, thinking the latter ship could handle the Algeciras with the help of the UT. 4 Corsair ships have gold aboard in this picture, while the Santa Isabel takes an entire island aboard for the Spaniards. The Gallows opens the combat phase, knocking two masts off the dangerous Resolucion.

The Griffin gets Wet Gunpowder and Wine, while the Dervish sails home at S+S speed with a cargo hold full of valuable gold. The Agha's Whip loses a mast to a reef on a 1, but Relics does indeed save her from the Algeciras. The Resolucion dismasts the Gallows, while the Virtuous Wind pursues and attacks the Morocco. The QoS grabs some great gold from the northern island, where in hindsight I should have built a fort.

Continuing my bad luck with rolling 1's, the Queen of Sheba manages to roll two 1's in a row against the Algeciras to dismast herself and end any hopes the Corsairs had of being successful in combat! A truly revolting result, that shoot action exemplifies my typical bad luck during shoot actions. The QoS, Gallows, and Morocco were all sunk, leaving the Corsairs with just half of their original fleet. The Agha's Whip and Dervish returned home with a ton of gold though, giving the Corsairs a big lead in the gold race. With the Spanish sailing straight for them, the Corsairs headed out to meet the Virtuous Wind.

The VW and Algeciras made short work of the last Barbary "clones", ending the game!

1. Barbary Corsairs: 34 gold
2. Spanish: 18 gold

The Spanish likely would have prevailed if they had left a Corsair ship alone to row around aimlessly, but alas it was a fun time nonetheless! The end of the game was extra fun, as the creator of the Spanish fleet, captain_vendari, joined us after seeing part of the game on Youtube! Both fleets seem pretty effective for 60 point fleets, and it was a good test for them.

Additional Comment:


Played my third game of the day for July 6th against a third opponent, which sets a new record for me. This time I faced captain_vendari, and we were live on Youtube with Skype commentary and discussion! This also marks my first game/battle report with commentary.

Coalition of Nations 2.0 (go vote for the original for Fleet of the Week!)

Ben's favorite Pirates


The Bloody Jewel, Hound, and Lightning went looking for gold. The Maryland took a mast off the Selkie (not quite able to ram and get pinned on purpose), before being captured by the Cursed Blade and then chain towed a tiny bit by the Carrion Crow to move her out of harm's way. The Arrogant and Algeciras approached, but between my mast and named crew advantage, I figured I could prevail. As is typical, my dice luck proved me wrong...

The Arrogant rams the Cursed Blade, taking off a mast, while the Algeciras dismasts the Selkie! The Cursed Blade hit 1/2 on her turn, while the Carrion Crow failed to ram the lone mast off the Arrogant.

The Bloody Jewel brought home a bunch of gold with the help of the Jade UT, and the Hound eventually brought back a bunch more.

The Lightning came over to ram the Arrogant derelict, and the Crow captured her. However, at this point the game had been decided, as the Coalition of Nations had an insurmountable lead in gold. They won a blowout 30-0 victory!

Although disappointed with the game itself, I thought this was a great step towards a new kind of battle report with the live commentary. I'd like to try various other combinations, such as my personal commentary with low-level music in the background. Ideas are welcome!
Check out my fansite at Pirates with Ben!

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Just faced repkosai on VASSAL for two more games!

I went first in the first game, with an old fleet challenge entry, Clone: American schooners.

Repkosai followed with a Pirate fleet:
[card="120435"]Black Pearl[/card] + [card="75723"]Captain Blackheart[/card],[card="126630"] Gentleman Jocard [/card],[card="123526"] Marty [/card], helmsman, oarsman
[card="108566"] Smiling Jim [/card]+[card="134649"] Hammersmith [/card]
[card="80905"] Star of Siam [/card]+[card="134711"] Coconut [/card]
[card="80766"] Banshee's Cry [/card]+ explorer

The Carolina headed east, while the American gunships stuck together. My strategy was to shield the Julius Caesar with the Jarvis, whose ability made her immune to the Black Pearl's powerful L-range guns.

With some careful maneuvering, Jonathan Haraden took the Julius Caesar into range off the Black Pearl's starboard quarter, and opened fire with fire shot and stinkpot shot! (Miniature Trading wasn't working when I created my fleet, so I had forgotten about Ralph David and the oarsman, swapping in stinkpot shot and an explorer) The Jarvis followed up with a volley of her own, and the Black Pearl was reduced to one mast and her crew lazy with stinkyness! The Jarvis also popped the lone mast off the Smiling Jim, and you can see the BC has explored the island at the right.

Repkosai had an unlucky fire mast roll that doomed the Black Pearl. The two American gunships captured the Smiling Jim and Banshee's Cry, while the Carolina returned home with a big hold full o' gold. As you can probably tell, it was all but over, and a quick endgame resulted in a 24-3 American victory! This also marked my 100th game on the VASSAL module!

Between the shortness of the first game and MT still being down, we decided to play a second game with the same fleets. This time repkosai rolled to go first, and the home islands were nearly reversed.

Once again the Americans get the first shot, with the Julius Caesar hitting with both her equipment pieces once again. I used a different strategy in this game, splitting the gunships and having the Jarvis attack the Star of Siam (she went 1/3 including a reroll from Nolan).

I couldn't resist this picture; during the game I commented that it looked like a fireship attack! The Black Pearl had almost no other option other than ramming to fight back, as the stinkpot shot really compromised her capabilities. Since rediscovering that the equipment does take effect on the opponent's turn (the MT database had an error until recently), I am on a mission to prove how effective stinkpot shot is. I used it more back in 2011/2012, before thinking that it was only on the shooter's turn due to the database error. Now it will be back in vogue in my fleets!

The Smiling Jim took a mast off the Jarvis before being dismasted, temporarily saving the Star of Siam. The Julius Caesar finished off the Black Pearl with another fire shot hit, while the Banshee's Cry ran home.

The Pirates experience a windfall in gold, while the Americans prepare to set up Thompson's Island.

The Pirates headed out for more gold, with the Star of Siam looking to nab some American loot with the awesome Wine UT. The Julius Caesar was ready for her, or so Haraden thought! The ram and board failed, with the JC losing her explorer. In the meantime, the Jarvis and Smiling Jim repair at the new fort.

Repkosai had the right tactic, hugging the fort island with the Wine-laden Star of Siam. Unfortunately the UT doesn't protect against ramming, and the Smiling Jim and Jarvis teamed up to capture the SoS. In this picture she is repairing at the fort, while the BC hides in the fog.

With Wine now in American hands, the Star of Siam raided the home island of her former allies, toasting the citizens of the town! Here the Americans faced a decision: end the game before the BC docks, hoping they have more gold, or let the BC dock and try to let the Carolina and SoS get their gold to safety as well. The choice was pretty clear though, especially given the amount of gold on the Carolina at this point. Her haul included even more alcohol, but this time in the form of Rum!

The Americans lifted their blockade, with the BC docking home and the SoS unloading a former Pirate 4 coin into Thompson's Island. The Carolina reached home and the Julius Caesar dismasted the BC to end the game! The Americans won 25-7, but in reality the game was closer than that score makes it appear.

Additional Comment:


Another game with Repkosai! This was my first game with my commentary alone, and I explain my fleet choices and general strategy as things progressed.

50 points, 8 islands, 4 coins per island, and some grouped terrain.

Vikings: (a7xfanben)
[card="111451"]Freya[/card] + [card="111462"] Olof Linstrom [/card], captain, helmsman, musketeer
[card="111574"] Elsinore [/card]+[card="126581"] Tia Dalma [/card], helmsman

French: (Repkosai)
[card="75280"] L'Hercule [/card]+[card="80816"] Madame LaFontaine [/card], captain, helmsman
[card="134668"] Carcajou [/card] + captain, firepot specialist
[card="134638"] Arrogant [/card] + shipwright


The French headed north, and the Vikings west. The Elsinore picked up some fun stuff, including Potions and Brews. The Hercule took a mast off the not-careful-enough Freya, who was barely saved by Potions and Brews causing a lucky miss at the end of the broadside. This allowed the Freya to return fire with FOUR shots from just one mast, which has to be close to a potential record heh. Two of the shots hit, and the ram roll was successful to take the Hercule down to one mast as well.

The Hercule was dismasted and the Freya managed to escape through some convenient fog banks! Indeed, the setup benefited the Vikings here as the Freya used the fog banks as a chain to move safely back to her home island to repair. The Elsinore headed southwest, but the Arrogant was waiting for her.

I managed to flip Tia Dalma to help the Elsinore survive getting attacked by the Carcajou, but the Elsinore was eventually sunk. However, this happened only after the latest UT shenanigans! The ever-helpful Woelf answered my question about the timing and interaction, which could have worked out well for the Vikings either way. In a funky circumstance, Tia Dalma and the Elsinore's helmsman were thrown in jail back at the Viking HI after Manawa was linked to the helmsman, which therefore eliminated Manawa! Whew! XD

This worked out fine for me, as I was tentatively planning to leave the Elsinore's crew on the wild island for the Freya to pick up later in case the Elsinore was sunk (at this point I suddenly realized my fleet had good synergy since both ships had the same ability - Tia Dalma could use her cancelling on the Freya!). However, Jail put them right back at the HI, where the Freya was already repairing, and indeed the Elsinore was sunk!

The Arrogant returned home with a coin, while the Carcajou began towing the Hercule. The Freya managed to sink the derelict Hercule, netting the Vikings 1 gold from LaFontaine's Ransom keyword. I did indeed swap out Olof Linstrom for Tia Dalma, figuring the canceller would be more useful than yet another cannon. (the Freya still having 5 shots in 2 masts even after Olof's departure from active duty)

A somewhat predictable endgame saw the Carcajou corner the slow Freya after the latter loaded a valuable coin, and the French finished off the inaccurate Viking ship! The French had won a 7-3 victory!

This was a game that saw a fun UT interaction, some interesting combat, and a rather strange but fun Viking fleet. More games have already been scheduled, so stay tuned!

Additional Comment:


Played a quick game with wantkrakens.

I tested out a new fleet of mine, New Age of Armed Merchantmen. He went with the Manila + helmsman and Delight + Captain Barbossa, helmsman

He did a unique map with a ton of islands, all with one coin on them.

The Santa Isabel helped the merchants get out to an early gold lead, and then she and the Aberdeen Baron teamed up to capture the Delight.

The Manila was coming home with some gold when the merchants built Ramsgate and started repairing the Delight there. The Manila successfully rammed the Aberdeen Baron with a 6 and even shot a mast off soon afterwards with another 6, but the AB and Delight overpowered the Manila to end the game (final score 26-0). Both of us had good dice luck in this game!

Additional Comment:


Just played a game with repkosai and joulex! It was joulex's first game on the VASSAL module!

This was the turn order:

HMS Concorde + Hermione Gold
HMS Gibraltar + Thomas Gunn, First Mate Ismail

La Vengeance + explorer
Le Courageux + captain, explorer
La Bonne Chance + captain

The Best Raiders of Spain

4 wild islands with 6 coins apiece, and a bunch of terrain with round earth rules:

The English reached the middle island first, but the French were quickly upon them! The French were helped out by Odin's Revenge, put into the mix by the Spanish. The Vengeance had explored the southern island but got tossed to the middle by Message in a Bottle.

Despite dismasting the Bonne Chance, the English were quickly out of the running! Repkosai scuttled both of his ships, and it was down to the French and Spanish. I was quite happy with how things were turning out, as the Academia and Espada de Dios were able to clear out an island while the other fleets fought.

The Courageux is towing the Bonne Chance, while the Vengeance is looking to dock home her gold. Little do the French know, the Spanish have a devious and evil plan...

With perfect timing, the Academia sails up to the French home island right after the Vengeance docked home her gold, and Fernando Sanchez suddenly emerged from below decks! A coin was loaded aboard the Academia, who can't be shot at while docked.

The Espada de Dios quickly followed suit with her own raid, revealing Bianco's Haulers to ensure maximum protection. The Academia stole the final French coin, and the Vengeance and Courageux couldn't do much but look on in bewilderment.

The Spanish raiders docked home their gold for an even bigger windfall than their first, since the northeastern island didn't have high value coins on it.

This shows the beginning of the endgame, where things got more complicated and strategic. The Espada looks to explore the northwestern island, while the Vengeance is about to NOT dock home her second haul of gold, knowing the Academia can steal it.

The Academia gives up her useful Relics UT to avoid getting blasted by the Vengeance, who heads south as the Academia ducks into a fog bank and hopes the Vengeance will return soon. The Bonne Chance finally begins repairing, while the Espada is about to unload gold.

This is where things got more convoluted. The Courageux went into the fog near the Spanish HI, while the Academia grabbed the final coin from the southern island. The French were playing a bit of cat-and-mouse, unable to dock at their home island while other coins were still in play for fear that the Spanish could take what they wanted. At this point the game was more complex than I can describe.

Eventually something had to give, and it did! The Academia manages to dock home her 3 coin, but the Espada is cornered. If the French could capture one of the Spanish HI raiders, they could potentially use it against the Spanish to tip the gold scale in their favor! Alas, it was not to be, as both fleets rolled poorly and eventually the Espada escaped just in time.

After a few more shenanigans, the French docked home their gold and the game ended. The final gold count was decisive:

1. Spanish: 29 gold
2. French: 15 gold
3. English: 0 gold

A fine victory for the Spanish! This was another improbably gimmick victory for me, though since they're becoming more common I may have to make a thread about this phenomenon. This particular game went as well as it could have for the Best Raiders of Spain, between the other two fleets fighting to the death right from the start, good UT luck, and a perfect execution of the HI raiding combo at the right time. We hope to play more multiplayer games in the future, and it was great to see a new VASSAL player!

Additional Comment:


Just played a game of Water World on VASSAL with repkosai!

Each of us controlled 2 fleets that would be played independently of one another. The build total was a small but exciting 20 points!

The order of play:

6 gold bonuses at 20 points (a7xfanben)

Corsairs (repkosai)
Queen of Sheba + captain, cannoneer
Arrogant + captain, shipwright

Pirates (repkosai)
Cursed Blade + Coconut, captain, helmsman

Feisty Libellule + Rover (a7xfanben)

4 wild islands with 8 coins apiece, and 4 home forts with 8 cannons apiece.

The game begins, and the Libellule proves feisty indeed! I know much of a game-winner the gold bonus abilities are, and with a lucky SAT from Roimata I was able to cripple my other fleet on the first turn! The Libellule missed her shots and ram, but the boarding part was what mattered. The chieftain was eliminated and rolled a 6 to eliminate 3 of his native canoes!!

Another SAT, and more carnage in the north: the Libellule wreaks further havoc, blasting masts off the Alquimista and Queen of Sheba and eliminating a canoe.

With more extreme luck on my part, the French absolutely dominate! The Libellule is a one-ship wrecking crew, eliminating the Spanish by taking out their last canoe and dismasting the Alquimista! The Arrogant looks to salvage the Queen of Sheba, while the French have even more luck! The Mermaid finds Turtles in the southeast! However, this allows the Cursed Blade to fly under the radar....

After capturing the Alquimista and QoS, Roimata sets her sights on the Arrogant.

The female named crew of the Libellule prove effective once more, as the Arrogant falls and so do the Corsairs! At this point, the Libellule has single-handedly eliminated half of the starting fleets and captured 3 ships.

The Turtles reached the French home fort, where the Alquimista and QoS looked to repair. The French hastily made plans for a possible attack....

The Pirates continue to run gold, while the French amass an empire relative to the tiny build total! Here they control 45 points total, more than twice what they started with. With 5 now-healthy ships, they look to the southwest and the Pirate fort that is burgeoning with shiny coins.

The Cursed Blade is about to round earth to the southeast, while the Alquimista stays behind to finish a little gold factory operation.

The fun of round earth! The Cursed Blade gets Homing Beacon, but can't quite use it.

The Mermaid tries to block the Cursed Blade's route home, while the Libellule waits for an SAT from Roimata to start the assault on the fort.

Attack!! Sudden chaos at the Pirate home fort! The Cursed Blade got home via Homing Beacon (not using round earth), but the French attacked in full force. The first bombardment took out 3 of the fort's 8 cannons, while the Arrogant, Mermaid, and Alquimista tried to get into position.

The Cursed Blade dismasts the Mermaid and damages the QoS. The fort sank the Libellule, ending her string of luck and taking out the surefire MVS (Most Valuable Ship) of this contest. The Alquimista and Arrogant battled the fort for a few more turns, but eventually were overcome by the superior firepower. The Arrogant barely escaped...

... but she was cornered by the Cursed Blade to end the game! Despite the 10 gold from Turtles 6 gold from the Alquimista's bonus, it wasn't even close. The Pirates had found all the good coins for a whopping 59-31 victory!

This was a fun and unique game that saw absolute domination by a single ship until the actual gold was counted. Repkosai enjoyed the introduction to the Water World rules, and we look forward to playing more unique games in the future! Hope to see you on VASSAL on August 11th-13th!

Additional Comment:


Just played a game with Repkosai using Cadet-Captain Mike's random setup tables! Repkosai made the rolls to avoid my bad luck giving us a more boring setup. He rolled a 5-4-6, which gave us: "Free ships totalling 8 masts; One generic crew on each ship, plus two generic crew & one named crew (all free)".

With that, it was clear that you could afford many of the lesser used small ships with high point costs.

Repkosai went first with an American fleet:
[card="80828"] Enterprise [/card]+[card="80848"] Commodore David Porter [/card], cargo master, helmsman
[card="111571"] USS Kettering [/card]+ captain, helmsman

I went with one of the strangest fleets I've ever constructed, and possibly one of the oddest fleets of all time:
[card="126562"] Barnacle [/card]+ helmsman
[card="111454"] Loki [/card]+ helmsman
[card="75251"] HMS Swiftsure [/card]+ captain, stinkpot specialist
[card="108691"] Seven Brothers [/card]+ helmsman
[card="108690"] Sea Storm [/card]+ captain, helmsman
[card="111587"] Dharma [/card]+ [card="98861"] Bonny Peel [/card], helmsman
[card="111581"] Kalaallit [/card]+ captain
[card="108685"] Le Jongleur [/card]+ helmsman

Round earth rules. I made sure to include various UT's, including some wacky and potentially game-changing ones!

The Americans head northwest, while the mixed fleet immediately scatters. My strategy was to raid the American HI with the Loki and Jongleur after the Enterprise docked home. The Sea Storm was a suicidal pest, while the Dharma and Swiftsure were more tactical gunships (especially the Dharma, with Bonny Peel potentially being a nice surprise between the named crew in the opposing fleet and the Longship's +1 boarding bonus). The KL was a hybrid, but ran gold at the start. The Seven Brothers and Barnacle were the most direct gold runners, and I wanted the Barnacle to find at least one of the UT's I dumped in...

In an annoying circumstance for both sides, the Enterprise picked up Enemy of the State! Not only could the Americans not unload her gold, but the mixed fleet couldn't steal it via HI raiding! At the extreme south and east of the sea, the Dharma and Loki look to round earth and surprise the Americans. The Swiftsure and Sea Storm watch the Kettering, almost as eager to stay out of range as they are to pounce.

In the south, the KL finds Ammunition and Driftwood. In the north, the Barnacle finds a UT and some good gold, along with the Dead Man's Chest UT. The DMC was included since the unique setup rules allowed me various free generic crew. I purposely included only 1's for regular coins, in order to maximize my personal benefit if the DMC was used properly. With 3 of the islands explored and only one left, the Swiftsure knows what she must do....

With the Enterprise unable to dock, the Americans headed northeast to try and eliminate the Dead Man's Chest UT from the Barnacle. I made a comment about blowing the game up, but little did the Americans know, I meant it literally! In what looked like a bizarre and suicidal move, the gold-laden Barnacle rammed the huge and powerful Enterprise! The other UT the Barnacle had found was... Explosives! I rolled a lucky 6 and both the Barnacle and Enterprise were blown up!! Luckily the Enterprise had found some Driftwood of her own (separate from that on the KL), which saved Porter, who grabbed onto a log just in time for the explosion to simply throw him to a nearby wild island.

However, this was just the beginning of my nefarious plans, as the Seven Brothers finally explored her island to find another crazy UT: PLAGUE! The Swiftsure had the fastest base move in my fleet, and immediately zoomed up to the SB and grabbed the Plague. This eliminated the Swiftsure's captain and stinkpot specialist, but the Plague was more valuable in deterring the Kettering from interfering with the endgame, which was approaching quite rapidly. As for my other ships, the KL is headed home with gold, the Jongleur looks to grab some gold from the SB so she's not trucking it home at just S speed, the Dharma is unable to attempt crew captures from the Kettering due to bad fog rolls, the Sea Storm heads north again to provide bait for the Kettering, and with no gold on the American HI available for stealing, the Loki looks to pick up a coin left over from the KL's haul.

The Kettering loaded Porter aboard, and the Sea Storm let herself sink so the Swiftsure could ram the Kettering and unload the Plague to kill all the American crew. (the Kettering wouldn't have caught the KL in time anyway, who was busy unloading gold from the Mercenary ship Jongleur) The Dharma eventually got in on the action against the Kettering, but soon it was evident that the mixed fleet had prevailed. In a very strange setup, the mixed fleet had won 13-0.

This is a great example of what happens in Pirates - just as Gore Verbinski said, "everything that can go wrong will go wrong". Not a single strategy in either fleet worked properly. The Enterprise wasn't able to run gold or fight, and was simply blown up without firing a shot. The Kettering managed to do some damage late in the game, but to no avail. My fleet wasn't able to steal gold from the American HI, capture crew with Bonny Peel, or use many of the ships as intended.

It was a fun game, though lopsided as I tried to exploit the setup rules as much as possible, going with the maximum number of ships and generic crew. I believe my fleet totalled 126 points against just 53 for Repkosai, which is one of the only flaws of the random setup tables. However, we both enjoyed the game and hope to use the tables again in the future!

Additional Comment:


This was a 3 player game on VASSAL between myself, repkosai, and wifey.

With some inspiration from this epicness, we decided to play by a new rule. The winner of the game would be whoever had the most points in play PLUS gold. Essentially, you'd start with X points and try not to lose any, and get gold along the way to maximize your score.

We kept it simple for the first time trying out the idea, with standard 40 point fleets. Also, since the new rule could potentially make the gold race irrelevant, we contributed high value coins (only worth 4 gold or more). Here was the turn order:

Repkosai's Corsairs
El Leon + Castro (SAT version), captain, helmsman
Wicked Kareen + captain, helmsman
Queen of Sheba + helmsman

Wifey's Spaniards
Asesino de la Nave + captain
El Duque + captain, helmsman
La Monarca + explorer

a7xfanben's Unconventional Pirates


The Duque and Raven are the first to reach islands:

After some maneuvering, the Leon knocked the flag off the Doombox flotilla before being attacked by the Cutlass and Raven. Barstow nabbed the Spanish captain, but the Raven couldn't dismast the Spanish ship. To make things more complicated, the Asesino was approaching.

The Unconventional Pirates dismast the Leon and nearly do the same to the Asesino! The Monarca lurks north of the wild island the Pirates looted with the Paradox and Cutlass.

The Pirates clean up with a big turn! The Paradox captured the Leon, while the Raven dismasted the Asesino and the Cutlass did the same to the Monarca. At this point I had realized that my strategy of capturing crew for gold with Barstow wasn't a very effective strategy with the new endgame rule, so I adapted and tried to capture as many ships as possible to control a lot of points. However, the Spanish were certainly winning the gold race, as the Duque brought home her second haul.

The Pirates capture the Asesino and Monarca, giving them 6 ships to double the size of their fleet!

The Pirates repair two of their new ships and maneuver so the Paradox can tow the Asesino, allowing the Raven to unload her captured captain. The Duque passes by in a convenient route, allowing the Pirates to attack her as well!

The Duque was captured, giving the Pirates 7 ships and their flotilla! The Leon was sent through a whirlpool to steal gold from the Queen of Sheba, which she did with moderate success. Another captured Spanish ship from a different fleet, the Monarca, grabbed a coin from the northeastern island. The Pirates had already begun celebrating - check out the welcoming parade for the Leon and Monarca! With the Spanish eliminated and the QoS docking home her gold for the Corsairs, the game was over with no gold left to collect.

The points and gold of each fleet were tallied up!

1. Pirates: 139 total points (93 in their fleet, so they more than doubled their starting build total)
2. Corsairs: 49
3. Spanish: 36 (all from gold)

The Pirates ruled the seas in this game, using a dual strategy of gold capture crew and later adapting to capture ships normally to maximize the size of their fleet.

I must say, I like this new endgame variation, and not just because I won. It's rather practical, and adds more realism to the game. Ships were very important, and losing a ship could be as bad or worse than losing a cargo full of resources. It really emphasizes keeping your fleet healthy, and trying to make a decisive engagement with another player so you can take ships and crew (and therefore points) from their fleet and add them to your own. In addition, it makes sinking ships less practical, and incentivizes the winners of battles to keep derelicts afloat and capture them. This is also more realistic, as ships didn't sink from cannon fire very often in the Age of Sail. Finally, it makes combat more enticing since the gold scores aren't the end-all be-all like they usually are. This is great because various people expected the game to be more of a combat game and wish there was more battling, and because gold running is usually more boring than the combat. I'd love to hear feedback on this idea!

Additional Comment:


This was a 4 player game on VASSAL between myself, xerecs, repkosai, and wifey. We used Cadet-Captain Mike's random setup tables, rolling 6-5-1 for free ships totalling 10 cargo and four free crew. Since the game was played in 2 chunks and I was only 1 of 4 players, this is the best summary I can muster.

The play order went from left to right as the fleets appear at the top: xerecs with a mostly Pirate fleet, repkosai with a mixed fleet, a7xfanben with a Cursed fleet, and wifey with a mostly English fleet. We did round earth and included plenty of UT's!

The fleets scatter, and the gold race begins!

Repkosai's Black Pearl (xerecs used that ship as well) found Pandora's Box, bringing some craziness into the game. Wifey's Monarca found one of the worst islands in recent memory, with negative UT's, 0 coins, and Bad Maps, which is why the island in the southeast nearly round earthed to a different part of the map!

This was taken after we resumed play this past weekend, and Repkosai has lost the Black Pearl and Gibraltar, while wifey's Monarca and my Lilu also sunk (the latter with copier DJC Davy Jones aboard, who was copying Emperor Blackheart's All-Powerful keyword to be just like the OE Davy Jones). Xerecs' Flying Dutchman has just docked home a captured Benito de Soto (via Bonny Peel) for a big 9 gold chunk. Wifey's HMS Grand Temple found misfortune in the form of UT's and was set upon by my Cursed fleet, but escaped and rid herself of the Runes of Death via whirlpooling, repairing soon afterwards. The Cursed gathered gold for a while and here they've struck, coming out of the fog to dismast Xerecs' Black Pearl.

The south became the location of a hot action, with the Hades' Realm finally revealing her secret weapon: Captain Nemo! I was trying to use Nemo in conjunction with OE El Fantasma (sac captain) in order to sac any crew for extra actions that didn't benefit the HR (department) while aboard. To make it more complex and fun, Wraith was aboard the Fiddler's Green to reanimate sacrificed crew for additional usage! The Cursed had the good fortune of discovering the Eye of Insanity early in the game, using it on the Fiddler's Green to copy El Fantasma with Wraith and give the FG the captain ability. (in)Human Resources won a boarding party against the Black Pearl, allowing Nemo to capture Emperor Blackheart! This was important but also ironic, because I had previously used Davy Jones to copy EBH to essentially use the OE Davy Jones (which is what I originally had before remembering the Lilu was 11 points compared to 12 needed for OE DJ). The Cursed once again had access to an All-Powerful crew! In addition, this gave them an incredible cast of characters all on the same ship: Fantasma, Nemo, and Blackheart, some of the biggest characters from this game.

Here the Fiddler's Green and Hades' Realm team up to take down the Flying Dutchman. The Jikininki was also disposed of by the Cursed, a ship notably included by xerecs in a clever (and somewhat gamey) way of exploiting the setup rules, as she's the only ship (not including sea creatures) in the game to not have any cargo space.

Repkosai's Resolucion has captured Xerecs' Black Pearl, giving us a second irony since repkosai had a BP earlier in the game before it was sunk. The Cursed have captured the Flying Dutchman and scuttled her to take advantage of Eternal.

After briefly collaborating with repkosai in a secret alliance, I unfortunately turned on him because it was the best move I could make that gave me the best chance of winning the game. Nemo's captive EBH rolled a 6 to toss the Resolucion onto a reef, where she lost 3 of her 4 masts. The Hades' Realm knocked the last one off before moving on to the BP. The Fiddler's Green returns to the scene to get gold, but wifey has arrived! Alas, the Concorde and Grand Temple weren't crewed enough to take on the juggernaut that the HR had become.

Ironically the human resources department grew to a massive size, with the HR using Nemo to snag Carlos Pavon off the Resolucion and a helmsman from the Concorde. The partially-repaired Flying Dutchman won a boarding party against the BP to get Hammersmith in Bonny Peel's hands. I needed as much gold as I could get, and Hammersmith's 5 and the gold loaded by the Fiddler's Green would help. Wifey's remaining ships gave their best effort but without captains were easy prey for the now-unstoppable Hades' Realm.

In the end, Xerecs got THREE 7's, a 1, and Benito de Soto's 9 gold payout, earning the win despite my fantastic second half that ended in domination of the sea but not of profit.

1. xerecs: 31 gold
2. a7xfanben: 22 gold
3. repkosai: 14 gold
4. wifey: 13 gold

This was a very fun game that saw a lot of funny moments, ironies, and good gameplay. Xerecs got high gold values, and managed to pull off his plan of nabbing a very high-value crew in Benito. My plans were foiled early, but flourished late in the game. It would have been enough with a different treasure distribution, but I had a lot of fun! Repkosai got two 7's himself, but was really smashed by xerecs' Pirates and later betrayed by the Cursed. Wifey played a good game but was plagued by incredible misfortune, with a horrid treasure distribution dooming her chances of victory. With that, we look forward to more adventures on the high seas!
Check out my fansite at Pirates with Ben!

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