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Chibi Xellos
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Default Want: To Love Ru Momo RR, LL Sunshine SRs, & more Have: Assorted sets, mats, Yugioh

1. Prefer to trade in U.S. and Canada but can trade outside if the trade is important enough.
2. Lower refs send first.
3. More than happy to cross-trade between games.
4. Please don't pm me unless it's to confirm a trade... There's no reason for you to not post here.
5. I may buy. Just let me know your price or what you reference and we'll try and strike a deal.
6. * indicates a hard to get card or something I really want.


[Other Japanese games, tell me what series you have from these as I may be interested.]
Chaos Tcg (Sora no Otoshimono, Puchimas, Steins;Gate)[I have some Otoshimono movie set for trade, just ask]
Precious Memories (Carnival Phantasm, Girls und Panzer)

The card games in my signature and this link:

Fate/Stay Night (All)
For Victory, Rin SP (Japanese)
Master and Servant, Rin and Archer RR/RRR (English preferred)
Top Tier Magician, Rin RRR (Japanese/English)
Original F/SN set SP/RRR/SR

(Love Live/Sunshine)
RRR/SR foils (Tell me what you have)
Kurosawa Dia SR (English preferred)
Kurosawa Ruby SR (English preferred)
Tsushima Yoshiko SR (English preferred)
No Brand Girls XR English (Hanayo, Nico, Eli, Rin)
No Brand Girls XR Japanese (Honoka, Hanayo, Nico)

Mami Tomoe MM/W17-E002 RR/SP (English)

Mikoto/Kuroko/Sisters SP/RRR/SR Foils
Railgun RG/W13-074 CC x2
"Railgun" Mikoto SP

(To Love Ru Darkness)
Momo Belia Deviluke RR/SP x4 (HIGHEST CURRENT WANT, English preferred)
Red/Blue/Yui SR/RRR Foils
Darkness Plan x4 (English)
"True Friends", Nana x4 (English)
"Waking Up in the Morning" Yui RR/SP x4

Additional WS wants here:


English Promos
BM/S15-E111 Menacing Hitagi Senjyogahara
BM/S15-E112 "Scathing Words" Hitagi Senjyogahara
FZ/S17-PE04 Moment of Peace, Saber x4
FZ/S17-PE05 Illya & Irisviel x4
FZ/S17-PE10 Style of a King, Saber
MM/W17-PE03 Fighting Against Fate, Sayaka x4
MM/W17-PE05 Fighting Against Fate, Kyoko x4
MM/W17-PE06 Swimsuit Mami x2-3
PD/S22-PE01 "Nice to meet you" Hatsune Miku
PD/S22-PE05 "Time Machine" Hatsune Miku*
SAO/S20-PE03 A Happy Moment, Asuna & Yui
SAO/S20-PE04 Asuna - Two Worlds
SAO/S26-PE01 Halloween Costume, Asuna & Yui & Kirito

Japanese Promos
DC3/WE16-P02 Himeno, Normal Path to School
GT/W29-P04 Akari & Tendo Trio Sisters, Playing Together
KF/S05-104 Athena, Eternal Psychic Idol*
LB/W21-P15 "Dressing Up Together" Rin & Komari x2-3
LL/W24-P09 Haruka, Free and While
MB/S10-107 Akiha, True Lady*
MK2/S19-P22 (Something Milky Holmes)
MK2/S19-P23 (Something else Milky Holmes)
MM/W17-P07 Homura, Hope And Resignation
RG/W26-P09 Mikoto & Kuroko, Roommates
SG/W27-P09 Hibiki, Believing in Song within Heart
VR/W22-P05 Himawari, by the Summer Beachside
ZM/W03-109 Tiffania & Henrietta, Princesses*

Angel Beats! (Japanese)
AB/W11-052R RRR (Damaged)

Attack on Titan (English)
AOT/S35-E008 "Firm Will" Eren Titan R
AOT/S35-E053R The Wings of Freedom RRR
AOT/S35-E057 "Resisting Fate" Mikasa RR
AOT/S35-E083 The World the Girl Saw CR x4

Bake/Nisemonogatari (English)
BM/S15-E005 Lost Cattle, Mayoi Hachikuji R
BM/S15-E032 Suruga Kanbaru R
BM/S15-E075 Black Hanekawa R
NM/S24-E021S "Fire Sisters" Karen Araragi SR
NM/S24-E049S "Phoenix" Tsukihi Araragi RRR
NM/S24-E051S Celebrity of Tsuganoki 2nd Middle School, Tsukihi Araragi SR

Ask for un/commons.

Fairy Tail (English)
FT/EN-S02-050S Power of the Celestial Spirits SR
FT/EN-S02-056S A Place to Return to, Natsu SR
FT/EN-S02-098S Sky Dragon Roar SR

Fate/Prisma Kaleid Illya (English)
Wish You Want to Fulfill, Kuro RRR

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia (Japanese)
FH/SE03-005 (Foil)
FH/SE03-009 (Foil)
FH/SE03-010 (Foil)
FH/SE03-028 (Non-foil, only towards a foil)
FH/SE03-030 Maiden of the Tohsaka Shrine, Rin SP (Foil/Signed)
FH/SE03-038 (Foil)
FH/SE03-043 (Foil)

Ask for un/commons.

Fate/Stay Night (Japanese)
FS/S03-076 Kirei, Game Master RR

Ask for un/commons.

Fate/Zero (English)
31S Waver Velvet [SR Foil]
4 Kiritsugu - Style of Heresy R*
33 Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald R
34 Unshakable Pride, Rider R
36 Ruler of Macedonia, Rider R
52 Ionian Hetairoi CR
56 Knight of Madness, Berserker RR
58 Noble Stance, Archer R x2
60 Supreme Wine, Archer R
61 Golden Monarch, Archer R
87 Throbbing Soul, Kirei R
88 Sadistic Artist, Caster R x2
89 Kirei Kotomine R
99 The Eighth Contract CR x3

Ask for un/commons.

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (English)
FS/S34-E051 RR For Victory, Rin

Ask for rares and un/commons.

Little Busters (Japanese)
LB/W02-030 Kud & Sasami R
LB/W02-053 Mio Nishizono R
LB/W02-080 Kengo Miyazawa R
LB/W02-098 Critical Point! CR

Ask for un/commons.

Love Live
No Brand Girls Honoka XR (English)
No Brand Girls Rin XR (Japanese)
No Brand Girls Umi XR (Japanese, might not trade)
"School Idol Festival" Umi RRR (English)

Lucky Star (Japanese)
LS/W05-003S Hiyori, Hobbyist SR

Madoka Magica (English)
MM/W17-E006 Mami Endures Her Fate R*
MM/W17-E019 I'm not afraid of anything anymore CR
MM/W17-E022 Madoka's Secret RR*
MM/W17-E028R RRR Magical Girl of Time, Homura RRR
MM/W17-E028 Magical Girl of Time, Homura R*
MM/W17-E079 Sayaka VS Kyoko CR
MM/W17-E084 Sayaka Looks Up to Mami R

Ask for un/commons.

Persona 4
P4/EN-S01-046 Arrival of Asterius CR
P4/EN-S01-075 Middle of a Long Journey, Elizabeth R
P4/SE15-19 R Promise with Friends, Yukiko FOIL

Railgun S (Japanese)
RG/W26-005 (Foil)
RG/W26-006 R
RG/W26-036 RR
RG/W26-060 R

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (English)
SY/W08-E003S Xmas Party, Kyon's Sister SR

Ask for un/commons.

Mats (Not always updated, will need you to trade/pay for shipping)

Foretold Prophecy Sasuke (Severing the Bond) Mat
Jiraiya Sage Mode Mat
Chibi Akatsuki Mat
Shattered Truth Itachi/Pain Mat
Kimono Mat
Invasion Kakashi/Animal Path Mat
Have more unlisted

(Dragonball) http://imgur.com/63fVIZO.jpg <---Pictures
Ginyu Force
Gotenks Fusion
Vegito Fusion
Have more unlisted

Games in my signature and in this link.
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