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Arrow Sinnerblast [Legacy Format]

Sinnerblast (M:tG Deck)

Lands: x25

Reliquary Tower x1
Terramorphic Expanse x 1
Swamp x24

Artifacts: x4

Nuisance Engine x1
Staff of the Death Magus x1
Sylvok Lifestaff x1
Rod of Ruin x1

Artifact Creatures: x1

Bottle Gnomes x1

Enchantments: X1

Sanguine Bond x1

Instants: x6

Crypt Incursion x1
Dark Banishing x2
Fatal Blow x1
Snuff Out x1
Terror x1

Sorceries: x3

Consume Spirit x1
Corrupt x1
Sever Soul x1

Creatures: x17

Blood-Toll Harpy x1
Child of Night x2
Gnawing Zombie x1
Gray Merchant of Asphodel x4
Hired Torturer x2
Maggot Carrier x3
Nighthowler x2
Syphon Sliver x1
Vampire Nighthawk x1

Core Creature: x1

Nightmare x1

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