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Default Undertale (Possible Spoilers)

With the recent popularity in Undertale, I figure I'd tackle a few of the more prominent monsters as creatures. Suggestions and criticisms are welcome, and in discussing these characters, spoilers to the plot may or may not be mentioned. You have been warned.

And without further ado:

Flowey, the Flower
Legendary Creature - Plant
When another Human creature you control dies, you may put a soul counter on Flowey, the Flower.
At the beginning of your upkeep, if there are 6 or more soul counters on Flowey, remove all but 6 of them, then transform Flowey.

Omega Flowey
Legendary Creature - Plant Horror
If Omega Flowey would be destroyed, instead remove a soul counter. If you do, Flowey gains indestructible until end of turn. If you cannot, exile Flowey instead.

Undyne, Captain of Monsters
Legendary Creature - Merfolk Knight
First strike
If you control another non-Human creature with power greater than Undyne's power, Undyne gains deathtouch.
If another non-Human creature you control with power less than Undyne's power would be destroyed, Regenerate it and transform Undyne.

Undyne, the Undying
Legendary Creature - Merfolk Knight
Double strike
All combat damage dealt to non-Human creatures you control with power less than Undyne's power is dealt to Undyne instead.
Whenever a creature would deal combat damage to Undyne, prevent all but 1 of that damage.

As stated above, I am open to suggestions and criticism.

5/30/16: Made a few edits to correct text and change Flowey's mana cost.
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4/2 for legendary 2GB kinda small, no?

"remove all but 6 of them and transform Flowey."
I can't find similar text but this one feels weird, also you should use 'then' instead of 'and'

"If another non-Human creature you control with power less than Undyne's power would be destroyed, instead Regenerate it and transform Undyne."
You can remove 'instead'

"Any combat damage dealt to non-Human creatures you control ..."
Use 'all' instead of 'any'
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