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Default RTR Stupidity

I don't actually have the extra cards to build this, but I figure it would be a fun deck, not that it hasn't already been done several times.

Lands 24:

x4 Hallowed Fountain
x4 Watery Grave
x4 Godless Shrine
x4 Island
x4 Swamp
x4 Plains

Creatures 13:

x4 Judge's Familiar
x2 Azor's Elocutors
x2 Consuming Aberration
x3 Notion Thief
x2 Dinrova Horror

Noncreature, Nonplaneswalker spells 20:

x4 Psychic Strike
x4 Render Silent
x4 Supreme Verdict
x2 Aetherize
x4 Detention Sphere
x1 Elixir of Immortality
x1 Sphinx's Revelation

Planeswalkers 3:

x3 Jace, Architect of Thought

The win condition should usually be dropping Consuming Aberration right after a Supreme Verdict. Since the deck should run fairly consistently, I don't think anything can really stand well against it in this block.
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