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Arrow Sigilyph/Trubbish Toolbox

4 Trubbish (Tool Drop/Plasma Storm)
4 Sigilyph (Megalo Cannon/Plasma Blast)
2 Surskit (Megalo Cannon/Plasma Blast)
2 Masquerain (Megalo Cannon/Plasma Blast)

4 Professor Juniper
3 N
1 Computer Search
4 Pokemon Catcher
4 Random Receiver
4 Bicycle
3 Float Stone
4 Silver Mirror
4 Exp Share
3 Silver Bangle
2 Eviolite
4 Level Ball

8 Psychic Energy


Basic strategy:

Load Sigilyph with tools, attack with Trubbish to OHKO.

Silver Mirror is to protect from sniping and Chatot, if people start to play it.

Masquerain is there to move tools around, make sure the right tools go on the right pokemon at the right time.

The EXP Share is here to better prepare the next Trubbish.


I was thinking of adding in a Mr. Mime for the bench protection.
I was thinking of adding in Super Rods to recycle the Trubbish/Sigilyph, as they'll be huge targets.

Any advice or suggestions?

Thank you in advance for your help!
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i like the idea, but have you tested it any? I'm curious as to how it works out. and honestly without testing it out, i sadly don't have any advice. maybe a keldeo, just because rush in may still be helpful.

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There's no reason not to be running Skyla in this deck. It lets you search out all your tools specifically when you need them, effectively lets you search out any Pokemon through Level Ball, can get you Bicycle if you need it, and just lets you set up in general. I would drop a Mirror and a Random Receiver or two for at least two, since the specific search is too much to pass up. Relying on just Random Receiver isn't reliable enough, and Skyla can mean the difference between getting a Mirror or losing a Trubbish.

I'd also consider running Dowsing Machine over Computer Search. You already have 4x Level Ball to search out Pokemon, and Skyla can net you Trainer searches, so the extra search isn't really necessary. Dowsing Machine, on the other hand, lets you recycle Catcher so you can keep your opponent from setting up. It also lets you recover from Scrappers, which people are picking up again thanks to Bangle being effectively better than HTL.

Regarding the Keldeo suggestion, it's honestly not necessary. You already run a good number of Float Stones to make sure you can shuffle out of HTL, and Masquerain makes it so you can do it off of a single Stone.

That's just my opinion, though.
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