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Default ~ Chain Burn March 2012 ~

My current Chain Burn deck for this format :

Monster [9]

3x Cardcar D
3x Swift Scarecrow
2x Lava Golem
1x Maxx "C"

Spells [9]

3x One Day Of Peace
3x Pot of Duality
2x Chain Strike
1x Heavy Storm

Traps [22]

3x Accumulated Fortune
3x Legacy of Yata-Garasu
3x Threatening Roar
3x Reckless Greed
3x Secret Barrel
3x Just Dessert
2x Ojama Trio
2x Waboku

Any suggestions? I put out a scape goat due to the inzektor popularity.
Maybe i'll put in a 2nd Maxx "C" . Threatening Roar and Waboku is also really good because they are chainable, give you one more turn and if they veiler your Cardcar D you wont take that much of damage.
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