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That one Pro Scrub
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Default crusaders

Kuldothan crusader
2/2 Goblin knight 1RR
first strike
Battle Cry 2
protection from black and white

lumergrid crusader
2/2 vedelkan knight 1UU
First strike
whenever lumergrid crusader deals damage to a player, draw 2 cards.
Protection from black and red

Virridian crusader
2/2 elf knight 1GG
first strike
Whenever Virridian crusader attacks, put a 2/2 green wolf creature token into play tapped and attacking. Exile all tokens created this way at the end of the turn.
Protection from blue and red

Brainstorm ideas what crusaders of each color would have been like. Attempted tonnage them symmetrical while still making the unique. These crusaders got 3 abilities as
opposed to 2. This was done because i wasn't exactly sure what to give each of the different crusaders. I tried to make them all 5 turn clocks, save the blue. I believed the extra draw would be more beneficial. This was my take on it, any thoughts from other players?
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Phattmatt is one pro scrub.
Trade Thread

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DWM2 rules!
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Simic Crusader 1UG
Creature - Human Knight, 2/2
G: Regenerate ~this~
When ~this~ deals combat damage to a player you may choose a target creature and move one counter on that creature to ~this~.

Additional Comment:

hmm... 'notherone:
Orzhov crusader 1WB
Creature - Vampire Knight, 2/2
First Strike, Lifelink
When ~this~ dies, target player must sacrifice a permanent.
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