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Lord Bunilla
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Lord Bunilla is just really niceLord Bunilla is just really niceLord Bunilla is just really niceLord Bunilla is just really nice
Default Wazzuup People! Some decks from MasterSephiroth!

WARNING: The following post is uber giant.

Got into this game 2 weeks ago, bought some displays for around 200$ and have now 6000 cards. Build some decks with em. If there are any people around here, any suggestions? If not, then I'll consider this thread as a personal reference so I can show people some lists.

Please don't suggest any card from the new layouts, because I won't have the possibility to get 'em, thanks.

Also yes I know about the banned cards, but we have maybe 4 players that are willing to play in the whole country, so we don't care.

For building this decks I got some advices by a friend of mine and I just read throught all the cards from a team and looked up very many decks on tcgplayer.

About the Manhunter deck: Yes, I am aware, that I don't win by decking him out (at least not until I have that Joker guy). But the decks were build out of cards I actually have.

Originally Posted by Squadron Supreme
4 Albert Gaines ♦ Nuke, Atomic Powerhouse
4 Golden Archer, Wyatt McDonald
4 Sharon Ginsberg, Corrupt Counsel
4 Lady Lark, Linda Lewis
4 Shape, Malleable Mutant
4 Joystick, Janice Yanizesh
4 Ape X, Xina
2 Melissa Gold ♦ Songbird, Sonic Carapace
1 Whizzer, Stanley Stewart
1 Fox.fire, Olivia Underwood

4 Panacea Potion
4 Answer the Call
4 ˇOlé!
4 Surprise Attack
2 Other-Earth

2 Rocket Central

4 Thunder Jet
2 Jetpack
1 Flamethrower
1 Dual Sidearms
Originally Posted by Toolbox Avengers
4 Hawkeye, Clinton Barton
4 Carol Danvers ♦ Warbird, Galactic Adventurer
4 Black Panther, T'Challa
4 Dane Whitman ♦ Black Knight, Heroic Paladin
4 Natasha Romanoff ♦ Black Widow, Super Spy
4 Rick Jones, A Hero's Best Friend
3 Quicksilver, Mutant Avenger
2 Wonder Man, Simon Williams
2 Iron Man, Tony Stark
2 Mikado and Mosha, Angels of Destruction
1 Hercules, Son of Zeus
1 Harry Delgado, Acolyte
1 Vision, Synthetic Humanoid
1 She-Hulk, Gamma Bombshell
1 Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff
1 Oliver Queen ♦ Green Arrow, Emerald Archer
1 Kang, Kang Cobra

4 Legendary Battles
4 Heroes in Reserve
4 Call Down the Lightning
2 Epic Battle
2 Finishing Move
2 Flying Kick
1 Null Time Zone
1 Political Pressure
Originally Posted by JLI/JLA
4 Shayera Thal ♦ Hawkwoman, Thanagarian Enforcer
4 Ted Kord ♦ Blue Beetle, Heir of the Scarab
4 Sue Dibny, Charismatic Coordinator
3 Katar Hol ♦ Hawkman, Thanagarian Enforcer
3 Booster Gold, Michael Jon Carter
2 John Henry Irons ♦ Steel, Steel-Drivin' Man
2 Ray Palmer ♦ The Atom, World's Smallest Hero
2 Mikado and Mosha, Angels of Destruction
1 Kang, Kang Cobra
1 Maxwell Lord, Financier
1 Roy Harper ♦ Speedy, Mercurial Marksman

4 World's Greatest Heroes
4 Magnificent Seven
4 No Man Escapes the Manhunters
3 Teleport Tube
2 UN General Assembly

4 Kooey Kooey Kooey
1 The Watchtower

4 Nth Metal
1 Flamethrower
1 Light Armor
1 Cloak of Nabu
Originally Posted by Manhunter
6 Manhunter Giant, Army
6 Manhunter Engineer, Army
6 Manhunter Infiltrator, Army
6 Manhunter Protector, Army
4 Sleeper Agent, Manhunter Sleeper
4 Lana Lang, Manhunter Sleeper
1 Two-Face, Split Personality

4 Manhunter Science
4 Fire Support
4 Only a Friend Can Betray You
4 Plans Within Plans
4 Gravesite
2 The Fall of Oa

3 Orinda
2 Birthing Chamber
Originally Posted by Thunderbolts
4 Melissa Gold ♦ Songbird, Heroine Unbound
4 Dallas Riordan ♦ Vantage, Ionic Inheritor
4 Beetle ♦ Mach 2, Matthew Davis
4 Blizzard, Donny Gill
4 Dallas Riordan, Mayoral Aide
3 Beetle ♦ Mach 3, Repentant Villain
2 Paul Ebersol ♦ Techno, Man of Metal
2 Jolt, Helen Takahama
2 Melissa Gold ♦ Songbird, Carapace Sonique
1 Helmut Zemo ♦ Baron Zemo, Über Enemy

4 Team Tactics
4 Deadly Conspiracy
4 Windstorm
4 Justice, Like Lightning
4 Win-Lose Deal
3 Marvel's Most Wanted
2 A Second Chance
1 Avengers Disassembled

2 Mt. Charteris
2 Slaughter Swamp
Originally Posted by Kang
4 Tempus, Menca out of Time
4 Kang, Ultimate Kang
4 Kang, Master of Time
4 Kang, Kang Cobra
4 Macrobots, Army
3 Kang, Immortus
2 Kang, Lord of Limbo
2 Kang, Kang Kong
2 Kang, Rama Tut
1 Growing Man, Kinetic Stimuloid

4 Psyche-Globe
4 Spheres of Solitude
4 The Time Keepers
3 Game of the Galaxy
3 Alley - Oop!
2 The Uni-Power
2 Instellar Offensive
1 Repulsor Ray
1 Alien Insurrection

3 Kang-Kross-roads
1 ESU Science Lab

1 Mind Gem
1 Force Field Belt
Originally Posted by Revenge Squad/New Gods
4 Serifan, Forever People
3 Izaya ♦ Highfather, The Inheritor
3 Mark Moonrider, Forever People
3 Big Bear, Forever People
2 Takion ♦ Highfather, Josh Saunders
2 Mongul, Tyrant of Warworld
2 Metron, Time Traveler
2 Metallo, John Corben
2 Encantadora, Lourdes Lucero
2 Mr. Mxyzptlk, Fifth Dimension Imp
1 Mageddon, Weapon of Universal Destruction
1 Orion, Dog of War
1 Lightray, Solis
1 Gog, Nemesis
1 Eradicator, Doctor David Connor
1 Bizarro, Imperfect Duplicate

3 Windstorm
3 Heat Vision
2 Royal Decree
2 Hostage Situation
2 Airstrike
2 Millenium
2 Escape Artist
2 Blood Feud
2 Nasty Surprise
1 Forever People
1 State of the Union
1 World's Greatest

2 Slaughter Swamp
2 New Genesis
1 Fifth Dimension
1 The Source
1 Warworld
1 Avalon Space Station
Originally Posted by Green Lanter/Emerald Enemies
4 Dr. Light, Master of Holograms
4 G'Nort, Green Lantern of G'Newt
3 Tomar Tu, Green Lantern of Xudar
3 Olapet, Green Lantern of Southern Goldstar
2 Sinestro, Green Lantern of Korugar
2 Rot Lop Fan, F-Sharp Bell of the Obsidian Deeps
2 Kyle Rayner, Last Green Lanter
2 Arisia, Green Lantern of Graxos IV
2 The Shark, T.S. Smith
1 Sinestro, Enemy of the Corps
1 Krona, Creator of the Anti-Matter Universe
1 Guy Gardner, Strong Arm of the Corps
1 Remoni-Notra ♦ Star Sapphire, Obsessed Warrior Princess
1 Oliver Queen ♦ Green Arrow, Emerald Archer
1 Abin Sur, Green Lantern of Ungara
1 Fatality, Emerald Assassin
1 Major Disaster, Paul Booker
1 Roy Harper ♦ Speedy, Mercurial Marksman

4 Helping Hand
4 Shock Troops
4 Trial by Sword
3 Men of Steel
2 The Ring Has Chosen
2 Lantersn in Love

2 Slaughter Swamp
2 Book of Oa
1 Willworld

2 Light Armor
1 Chopping Block
Originally Posted by Superman
4 Superman, Clark Kent
4 Superman, Red
4 Lois Lane, Star Reporter
3 Cir-El ♦ Supergirl, Daughter of Tomorrow
2 Superman, Man of Steel
2 Eradicator, Soul of Krypton
2 Kara Zor-El ♦ Supergirl, Last Daughter of Krypton
2 Connor Kent ♦ Superboy, Kon-El
2 Perry White, Chief
1 Superman, Avatar of Peace
1 Superman, Kal-El
1 Krypto, Superdog
1 Linda Danvers ♦ Supergirl, Matrix
1 J. Jonah Jameson, Sensationalist

4 Super Strength
4 United We Stand
4 Glass Jaw
4 Shock Troops
3 Man of Tomorrow
2 Super Speed
1 Look-Alike Squad

4 Cadmus Labs
4 Phantom Zone
Originally Posted by Darkseid's Elite
3 Steppenwolf, Darkseid's General
3 Devilance, The Pursuer
3 Bernadeth, Leader of Female Furies
3 Trok, Deep Six
3 Desaad, Royal Torturer
3 Parademons, Army
2 Virman Vundabar, Military Leader of Apokolips
2 Dr. Bedlam, Psionic Being
2 Granny Goodness, Everyone's Favorite Granny
2 Shaligo, Deep Six
2 Gole, Deep Six
1 Darkseid, Lord of Apokolips
1 Kalibak, Unworthy Son
1 Superman, False Son
1 Darkseid, Uxas
1 Kanto, Darkseid's Assassin
1 Slig, Deep Six

4 Trapped in the Sciencelis
4 Path of Destruction
2 Darkseid Undenied
2 In Evol Star's Evil Clutches
2 Airborne Assault
2 Blood Feud
2 Hordes of Apokolips
1 Ride of the Black Racer
1 Omega Beams

2 Armagetto
1 Apokolips

2 Beta Club
1 Catcher's Mitt
Originally Posted by Crime Lords/Sinister Syndicate
4 Rhino, Alex O'Hirn
4 Hammerhead, Gangster
4 Cobra, Klaus Vorhees
4 Vulture, Adrian Toomes
3 Chameleon, Dmitri Smerdyakov
2 Dr. Octopus, Doc Ock
2 Typhoid Mary, Mary Walker
2 Masked Marauder, Frank Farnum
2 Stilt-Man, Wilbur Day
2 Roscoe Sweeny, Fixer
1 Kingpin, The Kingpin of Crime
1 Bullseye, Deadly Marksman
1 Mr. Hyde, Calvin Zabo
1 Owl, Leland Owisley
1 Mysterio, Quentin Beck

4 Sadistic Choice
4 No Fear
3 Crime and Punishment
3 Blown to Pieces
2 Honor Among Thieves
2 Spider Slyers
2 Uprising
1 Sold Out
1 Untouchable

4 Doc Ock's Lab
Originally Posted by Secret Society
4 Scarecrow, Fearmonger
4 Lex Luthor, Criminal Genius
4 Captain Cold, Leonard Snart
4 James Jesse ♦ Trickster, Giovanni Giuseppe
4 Manhunter Clone, Clone of Paul Kirk
2 Gorilla Grodd, Simian Mastermind
2 Funky Flashman, Salesman Supreme
1 Psycho-Pirate, Roger Hayden
1 Ultra-Humanite, Evolutionary Antecedent
1 Mark Desmond ♦ Blockbuster, Mindless Brute
1 Dr. Sivana, Thaddeus Bodog Sivana
1 The Wizard, William Zard

4 Mysterious Benefactor
3 Funky's Big Rat Code
2 The Plunderer Plan
2 Attend or Die!
2 Sorcerer's Treasure
2 Straight to the Grave
1 H'ronmeer's Curse
1 Divided we Fall
1 Avenger's Disassembled

2 Quadromobile
2 Catcher's Mitt

4 Sinister Citadel
2 Slaughter Swamp
2 Gorilla City
A hell lot of decks. But yeah, I doubt anyone will read this (dead card game =3), anyway, I welcome any suggestions, if any, and this is a reference for the people I know to know which decks I build so far. =3
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I read it because I really wish there were more Vs. communities still alive. There are some, but not many. As far as decks go, if you're looking to scour decklists for ideas with some idea of their quality, TCGplayer.com is your best resource.

Dark World
Originally Posted by th3m3rc View Post
Consistency is super important this format
Originally Posted by bmtrocks View Post
The only cards I ever normal summon are Undine and Diva. I shiver at the thought of normal summoning your Mermails...there's just no need for it.
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Lord Bunilla
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Lord Bunilla is just really niceLord Bunilla is just really niceLord Bunilla is just really niceLord Bunilla is just really nice

Originally Posted by BadAssDuelist View Post
I read it because I really wish there were more Vs. communities still alive. There are some, but not many. As far as decks go, if you're looking to scour decklists for ideas with some idea of their quality, TCGplayer.com is your best resource.
Ok thanks, will try that out!
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I wiiiiiiiish this game wasn't dead. Maybe when UDE stops suing itself they can eventually pick things back up again. Recently, my friends and my gf picked the game back up. Ordered some singles off coolstuff. Apparently there's some peeps playing casual games near me that I didn't know of? Either way if anyone is down to play on MWS or if you're in the New Jersey area let me know.
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