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Default Casual Play Anyone?

Just out of curiosity ... how many gamers out there prefer casual play over sanctioned games? For those casual gamers ... how important are online resources to your game, and what types of resources would you like to see more of?
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I really think that tournament play and casual are just two different monsters in themselves. If I feel like having a quiet afternoon its casual, If I want to pay a few bucks I can enter a tourny and try to get the gold.
I will admit, I was playing this game at the start but took an extended leave from the scene but the casual play with friends has recently got me back into it. I brushed up on the rules again (although there are probly some mistakes left to iron out) and now find myself wanting to compete.
The casual atmosphere with friends has been a major advantage to suckering me back, we share our figures around and experiment with different ideas outside those posted on sites. Its easier to get into a hobby with 3 peoples collections being passed around so all characters see use outside the view of the primary owner.
So to answer this question, I think my vote is with enjoying both evenly for different reasons accordingly.
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I've never played tournament play, although of course it effects the way that I build armies. It is difficult to ignore all of the good combos out there that you read about online.

We've been doing a casual play format recently where we have built a jedi (force user) squad for each faction, and we roll randomly to see which army we play with. It's been alot of fun, and it takes the shooting aspect out for the most part (Although Rebels are shooty, with han causing alot of heartache).

We play Peasant format alot as well, which means all commons or uncommons. My favorite squad for that is Imperial droid squads with mostly Dark Troopers. Old republic is great for this format too, as long as you can play an all melee army without getting nervous.
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Darth Sivok
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Casual Play is soooooo much better. It allows you to customize the rules to your liking.
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Im going to play next week
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