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Default why does it have to end?

i just saw the final episode of brotherhood and im quite dissapointed...just because i know that FMA as a whole is over.I want it to continue so much because in my opinion that was a pretty shabby ending.and it also left me with alot of questions.

whats gonna happen between ed and winry?
what happens to their world after all this?
does isvhal(probably spelled it wrong) regain their land?(roy only says he'll do what he can)
i have alot more questions but these are my main questions can someone answer them

Additional Comment:

alas my questions will never be answered

Additional Comment:

bump?someone answer my questions?
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youre so pro omg.
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yes, yes. chibi penguin raging earth feels great, no homo.
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Holy **** sunknight. Where have you been?You missed our daily secks.
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I mean SunKnightKain (;
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Well, the manga has a few pages after the same ending.
Ed and Winry have kids, Scar and the other guy are in Ishval, Lin is Emperor, it's implied somewhat that Al and May are together and some other stuff.
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Yea that showed up in the anime as well. WTF? That answers all of those questions.
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