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Originally Posted by brentskulldragon2784
That is the problem with this game, the players. Most of the players just play to make money and do not care about anything else. There are alot of players that play in my shop that are hardcore Magic and Yu Yu players that trade some really good card for a CCC Yugioh deck, and that pisses me off. It is a slap in the face when someone wins a tournament who just traded for their entire deck and doesn't know any other cards in the game or who just want the store credit and packs. If I could I would give away all my packs and store credit for a win every week. I play this game to be the best and for the glory. When I go to my shop everyone is like ohhhhh $*$*$*$*$* Brent's here and that is an awesome feeling. When someone gets paired up against me they say oh no I might as well quit. Do you know what that is like? I am like $1,600 in debt and I could easily just sell my 3 Needle Worms and 2 Royal Decrees and almost pay it all off, but I won't do that because I love this game. Those are my thoughts and I know a lot of people who would agree with me. If you don't agree than maybe your META is different but don't flame me until you have played in the shops I have.

those places like galatic goods, B&M comics or whatever it is also in Kenner, all those places like that have players and just truly not interested in the game at all, they mostly look at comics, warhammer, those other games more and dont even worry about yugioh, I think marblelized memories is the only pure yugioh tournament their is in South Louisiana where players PLAY and not get distracted by anything else or any other game. But players do play to make money, that is a problem but I mean why worry if you got the deck and skill just win and take the money thats how i see it. and I have played in the shops you have because I been to all those shops in that area except that 1 place I cant find.

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