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Default Eastern Starlight Romance Playthrough: Part 3.

Summary: Visiting Reimu, we had a nice chat. We haven't seen
each other for a while, so it was mostly idle chat about the events
that have gone around lately.

There was the discussion about the funeral and the events that
followed it... But I didn't mind too much because it was Reimu.
She asked me what my plans were from now on.

>Tell the Truth. Option C,

Play "The Drizzling Rain" BGM.

I didn't want to say it straight out. But this was Reimu. I owed her
the truth.
Besides, she'd see through my lies.
Marisa: I'm working on becoming immortal.
Reimu: What?
Marisa: I'm going to become immortal. I don't care if that makes
me a youkai or not, but I'm not going to die.
Reimu: Is this because of what happened this winter?
Marisa: I don't want to talk about him.
Reimu looked hurt. I looked away. That was stupid of me.
Marisa: I'm sorry, Reimu. I guess I'm still feeling weird about all
Reimu: No. I think I understand. But have you really thought this
whole immortality thing through? You've seen what Mokou gets
I managed to pull together a weak smile.
Marisa: I'm not planning on doing something that stupid. Just a
normal immortality, I promise.

*Play "Miko's Afternoon Stroll" BGM*

Reimu: Alright. Just don't disappear off into your lab and forget to
talk to your friends, okay?
Marisa: No worries. I've got to keep the shrine looking busy,
Reimu: More like you have to eat my snacks.
My smile widened.
Marisa: That too!

*Insert new CG*

We chatted aimlessly for the rest of the day. I was about to head
home when Reimu said something that caught my attention.
Reimu: Hey Marisa, did you hear anyone talking about that
Celestial in the village?
Ugh. Her. I remembered the big mess last summer. That had
lasted longer than any other incident I could remember. I wonder
why Reimu brought that girl up?
Marisa: Nah. There was a lot of complaining about how the
weather wrecked the harvests, but no one knew why it all
happened. And I kept my mouth shut.
Reimu: good. It'd mess things up if people knew some Celestial
who couldn't handle having free time caused all that devastation.
Let the youkai take the credit.
Marisa: Huh. Your lips were moving, but I thought I heard
something Yukari would say.
Reimu: That was far too straightforward for Yukari. That woman
can't say anything without making references to stuff that doesn't
even exist in Gensoukyo.
Marisa: Alright, alright. I'm sorry I compared you to Yukari.
Reimu: You should be. If you aren't, I might just start trying to
act like her.
I tipped my hat and jumped on my broom.
Marisa: Ha! You wouldn't be able to stand it, Reimu.
With that, I flew off towards my home in the forest.

*New CG*

Still, her words came back to me. I remember back during that
summer I ran into Komachi. And after our battle I had thought to
myself that if immortality made me like that Celestial, maybe
death wasn't that bad.
But then again, there were so many people I knew who had lived
just as long, and weren't as self centered. Tenshi's faults were her
own, not because of immortality. I shouldn't let those thoughts
hold me back.

Play "Ordinary Magician's Ordinary Life" BGM.

I awoke to find the forest covered in a thick morning fog.
Excellent mushroom weather. Speaking of which, it was time to
restock my mushroom Supply.
I spent the early morning hunting down some of the rarer
mushrooms I used in my spells. Then I grabbed lunch.
Next it was time to begin serious work on my project. Or at least
talking to people other than village merchants.
Then it struck me. I knew the best way to advance my research.
Since I was a magician, and hoped to be an immortal magician, I
should ask an immortal magician about the process.
Conveniently, I happened to know an immortal magician.
Alice Margatroid. She'd told me she had been human once, long
before she'd taken up her hobby of producing an inordinate
amount of dolls. Or perhaps that was something she'd done even
while she was mortal.
Anyway. We'd met at a young age, but she'd been a youkai even
then, so I have no idea how she changed. Still, I figured she was
definitely the best person to ask about the process.
I headed down the familiar path to Alice's house. We were
neighbors, in that we both lived in the forest, so it wasn't that far.

*New CG*

Play "Alice's Grimoire" BGM

When I got there, I knocked a couple times on the door.

*Play "Knock" SE*

There wasn't any response.
After a bit, I just opened the door. It wasn't locked I suppose she
usually relied on her dolls to alert her and to deter unwanted
Either that, or she'd just forgotten. Oh well. That meant I didn't
have to pick the lock.

*New CG* Screenshot 14.

Sure enough, there were two dolls lying inert next to the door.
Padding over to her workshop, I found Alice. She was fast asleep,
slumped over what looked like a really big doll.
What in the world did she need such an absurdly large doll for?
Whatever its purpose, it couldn't be peaceful... why else would it
need giant swords like that? For that matter, how was it going to
get outside?
That did explain why she didn't answer the door, though. She'd
probably stayed up all night working no it. Knowing Alice, she'd
probably be out cold for the next few hours. She always seemed
to sleep very soundly.
Hm... Now I was curious about the doll. I guess I'd just help
myself to her notes.
Still, I should probably prioritize the immortality research first.
With that thought, I worked my way over to her library.
Naturally, there were tons of books on just about anything
magical there. Alice collected magical books with almost as much
vigor as I collected, well, everything.
This being Alice, the majority of them had to do with remote
manipulation of objects--The Telekinesis Phenomenon,
Poltergeists and their Kin, Am Puppe Handwerk und dem
ubernaturlichen, and so on.
Of course I needed something different, which meant I needed to
search harder than normal. Let's see. Magical Detonation Arcanae,
The Abridged Necronomicon, Gensoukyo Chronicle Vol. 2.
Actually, it'd be interesting to read some of Akyuu's previous
works. I snagged the Gensoukyo Chronicle and put it into my
Mushrooms and their Uses, Hourai Elixir: Fact or Fiction?, Diary...
Wait. Diary?
That couldn't be possibly be what I thought it was, right?


Vote Count.
Option A: 1
Option B: 3
First Vote: Ineednoname for A 3:20 P.M

Next Part:

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