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06-12-2008, 08:15 AM
trunks level one hi-tech/shadow dragon
trunks level two hi-tech/ shadow dragon
trunks level three hi-tech/ baby saga
backer- trunks flying kick
freestyle mastery- buu saga

north kai sensei
1x huh???
3x gohan' sword sweep
2x sword breaker
1x black water confusion drill
1x breakthrough drill
1x no, really drill

3x tree of might

1x alt. dende 3

3x devastation drill
3x gohan swordplay drill
4x super saiyan trunks attack drill
2x caught off gaurd drill
1x vegeta's quickness drill
1x chi chis cheering drill

2x trunks finds the answer
1x long journy
1x releasing the sword
1x heros luck break
1x dont u just hate that
1x trunks reconstruction
1x sword of trunks
1x expectant trunk
1x fatherly advice

4x trunks energy sphere
1x time is a warriors tool
2x narrow escape
1x super saiyan effect
1x pans loving hug

physical stops
3x gokus flight
3x heroic sword catch
1x nappas physical resistance

energy stops
3x victorious
1x happas energy arua
1x friezas force bubble
1x gokus running defense

energy attacks
4x trunks sword position 3

physical attyacks
4x trunks speedy flight
4x trunks sword slice
3x gohas kick
3x gohans sword thrust
3x gohans sword slash

comment on deck please. anything that i should change or put in just let me know. thank you for looking at my deck, oh and this is my cousins freestyle deck. and i always get beat by it. he asked me to post his deck up. and just to let everyone know i have all these cards and if u want me to i will post accual pics up.

06-16-2008, 11:46 PM
for those that dont believe that this deck is real ive played with and against it amny times over and trust me the sword slices and speedy flights axually r in the deck:D

and i wopuld know i had the same kind of deck,lol