View Full Version : Omastar Versus Cloyster

03-10-2004, 10:07 AM
is he worth looking at. Because it has a really high special stat. and it's Defense it okay, plus it can learn "Reflect" to keep up it's Defense. Basically I was looking for something other then Cloyster to combat Tauros's and Snorlaxes. and anything that learns EQ, that's not a Rock/Ground type. I know Cloyster has a greater defense (The highest) 400. But Omstar is actually okay. I used it on stadium, and saw some net battles. people use him. What do you think. I'm keeping with this set

Seismic Toss/Reflect

Surf for a STAB. Blizzard for Grass. S.Toss to do straight damage. Sub for protection. Reflect for Quakers. and/or Rest for healing?